Wedding Dinner @ JW Marriott

08 May 2011

Herloo People :) Miss me?! :) I'm having my break now..No class for 1 week because this will be my study week before my Final Exam :D Okie...I planned to go to my Dear house and at the end I joined them for the Weddind Dinner @ JW Marriott ... There place is so damn nice...All People wearing formal in the ballroom ..See a lot Hot Mama !:)

Lyvia's Mom cut her hair short on that day O.O..She say she wanna go saloon make her hair then when she's back...We all feel super duper shock! I think she look younger now! Look LOOK...
 Actually i planned to wear black colour formal dress..But I didn't check properly the dress..It's spoil and too loose until I can't wear -.- Once i wear can drop -.- LOL so i wear back white one :( Hope that's ok for me :] We almost forget the road to reach the hotel ..At the end we reached JW Marriott at 8pm sharp...
Hot mama driving :) HAHAHA Nobody recognize lyvia's mom cause she never cut her hair short like this for almost 20 years! wooooow! I don't dare to cut my hair til this short :(

Okie...Once we reached..
Each person can get a limited cup and key chain :) The key chain is so damn nice ...*opps i forgot to talk back my cup..i leave it at lyvia's house x(
And here's the! Yummy delicious!.
 Okie..Now, I'll let the pictures do the talking...
 Enjoying the music and the song sing by the girl :) freaking nice!
 Vincent's Wife is a Korean girl :D so damn tall and pretty like a model! Nelson say she's damn pretty and keep ask us to capture photo of her wife :D Saw someone wearing Korea's traditional clothes?
 Both of them are come from Korean too! There wearing formal and sing a korea song for us then suddenly change their clothes funny!
 So pretty!!!!!!! the cake! So nice :P but can't eat :( too bad!
Still got 3829432894723 pictures! LOL will upload to my facebook later :) Bye bye..
 Hope you guys enjoy reading my post :D Love..
JW Marriott really a nice place :) Planned for it people :P 
Oh yea! Happy Mother's Day :D Love you mom!

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