20110529♥ recommended - SHOP!

29 May 2011

Hey people :3 Gotcha! Thanks for reading and visiting my blog here :) Nuffnang Nuffnang I love You! Please earn more then I can have extra pocket money to buy a ticket for my dream trip..Teehee..Back to the topic, I went to Pavilion yesterday with my dear Lyvia..Her eye injured :( so badly and so red! Worried about her ! So we didn't take so much picture on that day! 
Outfit of the day :) Simple and soooo simple cause the main character today is my Bag :) Nice right? I love it so much..Maybe some of you doesn't like Leopard's things..But i likex10000..I remember one of my friends keep asked... she wonder why so many people(including me) love leopard so much..She think that's so OLD and NOT NICE! goooshhh~ There's a gap between her and leopard..! Lmao..
 Lyvia's eye injured ..That's why she can't wear contact lens :( Sayang sayang~She ask me to block her face in all my photo T.T ..hmmm..We didn't shopping much yesterday..Most of the time is window shopping and enjoying our beloved bread..IDK what the shop's name..But the red bean one really so damn delicious! If you went to Pavilion must try it out! Recommended*..
We try out few..But still red bean is the winner!! Hahaha so damn deliciousss C= Yummy!! My MOM and Lyvia's Mom sure love it!After that ,Chatime again!

Oh yea..some readers just inbox me where's the place I normally went to get and buy all those clothes! Here's the answer! Some shop I didn't really remember their name but I just took some of the photo and you can go there to have a look with their latest clothes! Mostly they have new arrival after 2 weeks while Mirrorcle have new stocks every week! :3
Where's Mirrorcle? Located at F88..Google it out if you still don't know where is F88..somewhere near Lot10/ Pavilion ..It located at the same building with Uniqlo..Normally their price is from RM15-RM30..The most recommended shop by everyone..I always bring my friends there and they love it too..Their jeans is so cheap..rm 52 only :) Normally outside selling price is RM69.90 each :3 Go and have a look..what are you waiting for! I'm sure you will LOVE it..

Then next is ...NEW SHOP!!1st Avenue @ Time Square..
New shop at there...but that's exp..All product and clothes from RM29.90-RM100..Their skirt and shirt all RM29.90..no more rm 25 if compare with others shop! Their bags too! More than RM100 but sometime they can give you discount and promotion for the product! The style is more on Taiwan..:) Most of the product also import from taiwan..Expensive than others but quality nicer!

Inside 1st Revenue you can go to this shop!
You can see inside this photo..The clothes are more on Taiwan's style! Compare to other shop @1st revenue.. this is the cheapest! ..Most of their clothes is RM29.90..Skirt,dress and pants :) Nice..Lyvia just bought one skirt from there yesterday!

Hmm..those are the shop I usually went to :) I hope you will like it...Still got others shop but as i mention..I forgot their name and I didn't take their photo :3 I will update you all if I found any nice shop there~ :D
That's all for yesterday and today! Weeeeeeeeeeee~ Time to bed! Mr.Kitty will be back on Tuesday night :3 Misss euuuuNIGHT Peeps!