06 May 2011

 Hey Guys and Girls:D I'm back! Yea...Finally DONE! The END and bye bye to all of my final assignments ..So freaking happy now and today spend a lot money too! Didn't go out but spend money for this coming Mother's Day ..:) Shhhh...

Argh...after everything something make me mad again :( Final exam coming..Next Saturday! Saturday still got exam...gg.com.cw...I don't want attend my exam i wanna go cinema and watch movie! Watched Thor :P 4.5/5 stars ! Nice..Mr.Kitty said SO! hahaha from now on he always act like Thor in front of me -.- remember and memories all the scene ..Keep making all those sound effectbeside me..Like cat..keep meow meow meow!Poison-ed

Oh yea..some of you might interested with my lens that i wear for that day..This seller is my U friends, Casey :) and I don't like online order things if I don't know who're the seller..because last time i always worry about the money i already bank in ..and those quality is really pretty bad -.- make me totally disappointed!  But she's the one really can trust :) *promote a while* LOL.. But sometime so hard to meet her..She's in degree years..

She got her own online blog and also page..You can online shopping with her if you're interested in :

Any question please ask her ya :) I'm not the one who selling all the product! hahahahaa so don't ask me cause i really don't know ..

I hate those seller always break their own rules.. their website state that "today bank in tomorrow will receive" ! But at the end say some stupid ..brainless reason...delay the post and Didn't really checked their bank account ..And some just didn't pick up or reply your sms..so beware! be careful... Better print screen the transaction for them LOL ..I normally face-to-face meet them and take my stuff..But a bit trouble la..Sometime the time so crash :( But still they're so  kind too...HAHA

My cousin's wife back from Indonesia today with her beloved daughter,Moselle..Ask her to help me grab something nice to Malaysia! HHAHAHA but i think most probably I can't get all my stuff today :) Maybe tomorrow? 
Mother's Daycoming soon! Do some preparation to surprise your mother..Give them a kiss and a hug...* My mom will slap me and kick me if I did that to her* But anyway just remind that no matter how far you're..your mom still love you as their son/ daughter... I hope my dad will bring us out for a dinner...My dad always busy during important day! Include my B'day...Arghh!! But still I'm the only princess in my dad's mind..HAHAHAHAHAHHA syiok sendiri..LOL

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY *early version*

Bye bye world :)

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