29 April 2011

Herloo Girls and Boys :) .. Hhahahaha Yea! another presentation ended! Glad to know that and today I'm so free...Take my nap, wake up then attend my guitar class :3..Tomorrow need to attend my mother's brother Open House ..A little bit lazy to go there cause nothing to do other than eat :( You can't see my fat stomach lo! argh! how bad am I! 

Okie will upload all the photo for my outing last week with Shini:) She need to copy picture from my blog cause loading so slow if I send her through the Mail ...Hhahahaha..As usual my daddy fetch us go to KL..*I wonder When can i drive myself to kl :( I keep trouble my parents to fetch me go out! god!
 Reach and we run to F88...Time Square got Chatime but Shinikeep reject that..She want to go Pavillion's Chatime...-.- speechless ..Then can't really shopping but Shini keep on buying clothes ..She's RICH girl! Totally Rich..30 mins bought 23764928342 clothes and used 28479274 ringgit! HAHAHAHAH

 Camwhore while waiting Shini! I love the sofa that behind me :)
 Reached Pavilion Chatime :D
 My top so damn weird..Cause too big for me...Lol...free-size pun so big :( if not sure damn nice! After 83291273 mins we back Kuchai Lama by taxi:) Went to Sweethut and Fblock cause Shini desperate :O Idk how to explain her expression :)" cute! Lmao!

 My eye so small that day cause wearing the one day contact lens which enlarge just 2mm -.- 14.2mm..really damn small lor! :( can you big more 5 mm? HAHAHAHA
 Hahahah bought a new devil casing :) Feel like changing my phone housing..But damn exp ler :( Yerrr! this month used a lot! Work work...maybe work as a singer in xx place but haven prepare any new song yet! :( Final coming..I have no time! Bye bye all :) Night


  1. devil casing look not bad also ho XD ok go buy 1 also ^^ hehe

    your pa pa also worry u nia ^^ if free , learn driving more lo ^^ then your papa will fong sam more and let u drive de ^^ must sek sek your papa mama, more ya ^^

    hoppy day for u ^^ and welcome may lo ^^ leave all bad things to april , forget all bad bad bad things ^^

    gambatek.. support u ^^

  2. haha receive your support since young til now..x1000000 now xD

    haha yea go and get one devil casing :P

    you tooo!! all the best and good luck ya

  3. sure ^^ wait my iphone come to me on this end of may first ^^ hehe

    ^^ add water =)

  4. so good got iphone :P
    ahhahaaa all the best and good luck to you~