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24 April 2011

Herloo guys and girl :) Short update..This few days Shini @ my house..Sweet Sweet Love :D We went to shopping yesterday..Shooting this morning in the playground near my house..and Friday we chit chat til so happy :)  Oh yea,,this post I'm gonna share my Love stuff here...Teehee..
Recently, I bought a new lens from my friends...Yea..she selling this in her website and she's my University Friends :) Rose Shape inside there ...But this is diameter 16mm a bit too big for me but i think suitable for shooting :D Need to make up if not like Alien's eyes..
At the same time, my dad bought me this FreshLook Illuminate -One-Day Color Contact Lenses ..This is my First time ..Hahaha Say the true! This is duper...Comfortable! 1st time i wear contact lens until soooo comfortable..Although this lens's diameter not that big..Just 14.2mm..Compare to other fresh con I think this is smaller :D But nicer and more comfortable...2 box for only RM60 :D Promotion..
On the other hand i bought a new casing for my BB :)  not one but two :P Devil Casing and a normal black case but I D.I.Y it a little bit :D Stick with those bling bling diamond ..Step bu Step :)
You can buy this kind or you can D.I.Y all by yourself but the problem is those flower big Bling Bling cost you RM2 per one, 5 for RM10..So i think better you buy this kind ..Simple and Easy :D
Bought a phone case :) Black or white...LOL as you like la...Hhahaha...
  Take it off ..carefully..Take Off Take Off :D

Taaaaaaa Daaaanggg!

Still in Love with Chatime ♥ :D
Sunshine Girl today :P Hhahaha Shoot with Shini this morning...Will update the blog tomorrow..A lot photo haven upload yet! Weeeee...
Siapa nii?! Tak Macam Saya..Fat face! Bye people Bye world


  1. got the lens website?
    if i wan buy how to order??

  2. this is the website :)
    anything ask her and just say my name ya :D

    bank in and post for you