12 April 2011

Herrlooo all my readers :) I'm here today! Yea..I'm super duper exited now..This is the last week for our Business Project...Clap to myself :) Almost busy every day except weekend ..*Btw, did you realize that recently almost 4-5 o'clock will start raining..Raining cats and dogs every evening...I just wonder why :[?!
Okie..Let's talk about what I did yesterday :) Actually every Monday I got no class .Therefore, I no need go to MMU but because of the busy assignment , all of us need to rush back there and open our booth :( Every morning I'm waiting my customer :( Money Money please drop from sky plsss! You can't feel how tired it is...Under the sun..walk here and there..Carry a lots a lotsssss Thingssss! Sweating like HELL !

:( Opps..A little bit out of topic...Then after that I went home at almost 2.30pm :) SO HAPPY! My dear Lyvia ask me to accompany her shopping =] My mom fetch me and I meet with her and because of the stupid damn whether we were late :(.. and need to wait my bro back from school..*he forgot to bring house's key
I use 30 mins to prepare everything and get ready ...but still I have to wait for my brother :( faster faster~ Then almost 4.30pm both of us reached Sunggai Wang :( I have no idea with it and I didn't bring much money ..Therefore, I didn't buy anything :O I'm poor since last week ...Can someone sponsor me? ahhah I'm just joking :D Teehee... 
No time to dress up nicely ..So i just wear a singlet with a short pant :D and of course Leopard! I'm loving it :P...can you spot my brother?! HAHAHAHAH...* my fringe is so damn long :( time to cut * 
 :D Having dinner at there too..The place look nice and we order the red bean...dunno what drink izzit..But promotion on that day so just RM1 :) Still waiting for? We tried that...hmmmm...Honestly, the taste very weird :O dunno how to explain...toooo muchhhhhhhhh red bean and......yiuuuu~
 Picture tell you the truth! Not that bad ,still can drink is just so WEIRD :O

 They playing around :) We talk and camwhore+ing everywhere! We have no time to shopping..All I can do is just window shopping T.T
 I look so sleepy at this photo :( So tired whole day run here and there & raining outside ...I'm worry that I haven done my coursework yet! Hahahaha how can i shopping :(
 Last but not least ..show you something!! Yeashhh! My new ring :) so scary..haahahahahhaa..Bought it @ F block ♥...Went to F block with my mom few days ago :) Wanna buy something but there're nothing to buy :( hmmmm...
That's all for today =] I need to continue my academic essay! save me please T.T 
Lasttttlyyyyyy, just want to say after this week I'm back to freedom..This friday, Accounting 2 mid term test and Saturday MUET test! After that end of my business project! 


THE END :]♥      *bb muackx


  1. plak plak plak ^^ give u big big clap ya ^^

    gambatek o ^^ if tired, then sleep early lo, if finish assignment la ofcasue ^^

    and i know panda is cute... but
    don't be panda ya ^^ take care my dear friends ^^ muaks ^^<3

    give u a big hug , hope everythings will be fine ^^

    wish u luck ^^