About Hair ♥ 1.4.2011

01 April 2011

Herloo mua Babies :) How are you recently? any changes? Hmmm..Recently, our MMU got a lot event ...And we're still the same..opening the booth and selling our product everyday....Everyday need to wake up early and back so late :( My mom always call and ask me whether I took my dinner or enjoy it at home :O..

Crazy man! Everyday class so rush and exhausted me..But we still need to set up a booth and stand under the sun to sell our product..WHAT TO DO? 35% for final assignment :( 

Back to the topic..My hair style in the photo above I tie up myself during the Drama Day few days ago :) Do you like it?..I'm so proud cause my lecturer say that's so nice! *wink*The reason why i tie up half of my hair because my hair is so messy and oily in the next early morning..And my class at 8am, I'm so lazy to wash my hair in the morning..So just tie it up..
By the wayI love those girl who tie up their hair all up..Including their fringe.I'm just so love it..IDK why :P nice pony tail and hair style..My forehead is so damn long so I can't really tie all my hair up..That's so ugly :( so Bad!

How to tie like my hair style above?!
1st..prepare 3 hair clips..Black colour =]
2nd..Separate your hair in to 3 section..as you like ..but i think 3 section is suitable for everyone =] *left or right hand-side of your hair*
3rd...Take little amount of your hair and twist it like this...
4th..then hold your hair style by using your black colour hair clip :)
This is another easy way to style your hair with the band and twist hair band =] 
Last...I love the top I bought from top shop:D
Just like it and if you want it grab it faster because I hear the promoter say that top so fast put of stock 1 :)
And i changed my shampoo :) Brand still remain the same but i just change the colour from Gold to Pink..not because of the colour k?! Is the diff function which attracted me to buy it :D How to say ..hmm...the treatment of this is nicer than the gold[Asience inner rich] while the gold one conditional is nicer than the pink 1! =]

That's all for today :) Need to prepare for my guitar class!!!!!! Bye bye people :P


  1. RM233 :)
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  2. is it asience shampoo better thn loreal ?

  3. i'm sure Asience conditional is the best :) about shampoo i'm not sure ...=]