Busy Week♥

24 March 2011

Herloow and Sorry people :( Because I'm late ...almost 4 days didn't come to my blog at all...argh..This week really is a Busy BUSY week! Without my notice..everyday I didn't get enough sleep..5 hours per day :O How can?! I dun want to be Ms.Panda..

Wonder why I so busy this week?! 
Monday - Accounting 2 Mid term exam
Tuesday- First day open Booth @ MMU because of the Career Fair
Wednesday - Still the same...Second day open the booth
Thursday - Every Thursday my time table is so crash and rush...All lecturer talk like a ROBOT
Friday - That's tomorrow! English Drama Day :( Booth again!
 On the other hand , recently all of us [my group member] were worry about our drama video..The relationship between each of the group member is not that good due to the diff solving method and diff doing method..Sometime people just can't understand each other well and they don't even care others...They  don't discuss everything nicely and fairly..They just think of them and don't need any help from us...I just wonder izzit we too rush for something or they're too slow.. 

Chill chanwon Chill[listen this x1000000 time already]..I remember last week..everyday we were worried about our video..You know...It's really hard to explain the feeling when you try to talk with someone and that person DON'T LISTEN AT ALL!..my god! and I'm not want to show off my skill of this and that but please at least listen the comment from us..I'm sure I'm better cause at least I know why am i doing here..Lucky god bless us...We still satisfied with everything..Thanks for everything but I really hope that I wont ..never and ever let this kind of stupid stuff happen again!! never ever!!!! So tired ! 

FINALLY I'm release
Two sweetieyesterday overnight at my house :P Both of them wearing my sleeping cloth..XXXXL size..SO damn cute! When mua Dear Lyvia can come to my house :( I mau talk and chit chat with all of them until the next morning! ahhaha..They come to my house to edit and make the poster for tml :) And this is the first time we gossip about our own life and our pass :D
The most funny part of our conversation is something like...errrrr..

Me: Eh..Xiaosin you got how many ex boyfriend before? 5? 4?
Xiaosin : *shy* seven...when Imma form one...but after that break ..
Me &Yenbee : LOL
Me: wow..so many...But now you still with Kenji(her 2 years+ bf) so long..dun worry larh~
[ I turn back my head and face to Yenbee and i ask..]
Me:Yenbee..How about you?!
Yenbee: Imma 3 time :D start when I'm form 2.
Me: wtf?! I thought you will same with me..=.= who know you also more than me!!!!I form 5 baru pak tor 1st time =.= am i still a human?!

Then both of them laugh me...Xiaosin say tak ada orang mau  me :O Then still got many private private conversation..If I post it here they will kill me after that :P But gossip with all buddy is really fun..Especially talking crap ..Hahhahaaa

At the same time, Yenbee's bf keep on calling her..almost one hour one time..So good..her bf so care about her :E *scared her lose or rape by me @ my house* ahahah and Hweesin keep on complain say that she don't even bother her bf..but actually she still so care and worry about her bf..Her bf go for a trip today..Too bad she can't follow :( Kenji remember buy something for her..hahahahaha!
Had realize something this few days :) AND I know sometime I need to ignore people instead to care for them..because they just will ignore every good thing i did but remember the only bad thing i did :) I admit that I'm not that happy recently..Sometime I really can't differentiate who is real and honest to me..Honestly, I'm tired of it..I don't even know and care about it anymore..You good to me, I good to you. Once you did something wrong don't blame me..I wont care anymore! please don't show your "nice expression" in front of me :) I dun even wanna look at your ugly face..

Pissed off * Dun act like nothing in front of me and don't let me see your nice expression anymore..I do what can i do..That's all and enough for you..Don't give a damn with it..

This is my post don't even think that I'm talking to you  k?!        *such a bad girl here* 

Peace♥ Lyvia dear! i miss you :(


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