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14 March 2011

Hey people :D I'm just back from my University and guess what?! My lecturer was driving us crazy..Is all of us...But I think it's better to forget about it..We're totally MAD for this whole day..Monday actually is our Holiday because no class but we still the same as usual go to school at 10am and wait his approve from afternoon to evening..Terrible and exhausted after all!

Forget about everything...Let's talk about something very crazy..RecentlyMost .of my friends fall in love with STICKY..Do you guys know what is that?! or you have no idea with it..I think most of you are familiar with it..I remember my very first time receive sticky is from Mr.Kitty ..That time he was shy and our time table crashing each other so he ask his friend to pass it to me :) sound sweet! Ahahaha
If i'm not forget i think the 1st time i saw sticky is from daphne's facebook's album and people told me it's just available at One Utama..and bla bla bla I told Mr.Kitty that I want to have some :P He don't even know the way to One Utama but he ask for help from his friends and bought one Sticky for me :P 
PS:That's the only "one" time for me! hahahaha
and now!You no need go to One Utama to get sticky..Pavilion is another way to get your sticky :D My friends ask me to get 3 bottles of sticky to them :P They want the "Mix Rock"♥ favourite but that's out of stock already :( too bad ..So they change their mind and choose "Sour Apple" and "Grape"..
There got a lot choices.. Blackcurrent , Blackberry, Strawberry , Blueberry , Grape ,Orange , Watermelon and so on! Or you can get one for your buddy during her/his Birthday~  Got diff colour,words and choices! Choose what you want :)
nom nom nom..Dun get diabetes :P My friends HweeSin eat whole sticky within 2 days time :O Unbelievable.. Her lunch and dinner =  Sticky! Lmao~
Before we watch the movie "Unknown" we enjoy our so called " dinner" at Ireland's Potato..
This is set no.2 :) Delicious and it cost us only RM16.90!
nom nom nom..I dunno how to explain about how yummy it is..But once you try..I'm sure that you'll like it! Trust me :D..
Hunrgy now?! me too :( feel like mau go supper! argh!
Then is Chatime.. :P After i tried Chatime..I don't drink other bubble tea already..Really a BIG BIG diff between Chatime and Others :) I tried the original one..Big size plus added pearl...RM7.90 :D pretty awesome.!
wahlao! I wonder why my hair look so oily that day :( I washed hair last night!!! argh~
I prefer the blur one cause can't see him clearly ! ahhahaha..Blur photo always the best but don't upload here..I not nice inside the photo.:P upload the best one of me..Ignore him...haha~ The second picture i have no idea whatcha he doing :O why he pose like that.. huh?! *famous amos with Chatime = MY GOoDNESS
Digi Boy :P They can't move but look at the boy which sit on the floor..His eye keep move left and right ..right and left :O I know he trying his best to ignore people looking at him!Teehee
Last but not least..am i forget about something?! OH Yea!
Show your love to people in Japan and pray for them :) Thanks god Imma living in Malaysia..A peaceful country without earthquake and be proud for being a Malaysian..Appreciate everything you have now!

Close your eye and Pray for the victims of earthquake now =] God bless them...Save our earth now♥ stop being selfish!..Go Green people :)

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