Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2011♥

18 March 2011

Hey sweetie  :) Saw something behind  both of us?! Yea! That's Hot Air Balloon...Yooooo! Took many photo today :D So happy this morning...*ONLY HAPPY AT THAT TIME*
 Because I'm so angry with something...Do you know because of "YOU" ...my friends and I haven take our dinner at 9o'clock!Argh! I scared i will keep writing about this thing which make my mood down down down x1000...So just back to my topic!huuuuu~   chill!
wow wow wow..Hot air balloon is just behind meeee :D...Yea! As you know Putrajaya just having a Hot Air Balloon Fiesta! This is 3rd time they organize this event :) Today is the First day of the Fiesta..Thanks for Hweesin because she call  me to join her & her beloved bf...Be people light bulb !Lol...sorry :<
Meet new friends today :D They're from another University and today they need to complete their assignment by taking the photo from this fiesta =] Wish them luck..They own have a very pro and big camera..I look like so cacat while I'm using my BabyG to take picture! ahahha
Can you see that?! We're so exited..but a little bit disappointed after that...because the hot air balloon..Obviously the pattern and design of the balloon seems like so boring :( Not colourful...No cartoon :( I saw some of the picture is so damn pretty..the Hot air Balloon got Clown's Face and other animal..or even Star War face :D So  nice..But i didn't saw it today :(

Share with you guys some of the picture i took today :D
 Lovely Birds♥Both of them so cute :P
Game Game 
 Try to photo shooting..I failed :( My pose is just toooooooooooo....Haix..dunno how to pose..i just know how to :D ..That's all :(
 Why hold your hand like this? want be titanic :P ahhahaha Lmaoz!
 Wahlao..see both of them ...HAHAHAHAH
 Her bf is so shy :D
That's All :( I'm freaking angry now! don't spoil you guys mood by reading my post..Sorry Guys...I need to sleep now if not I can't control angriness ..Good night and sweet dream:D

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