2011.3.6♥ Outing

06 March 2011

Hey people...Sorry for the late because this month my life really full of stress and pressure :( Some of my friends ask me why I look so tired recently...even during my Jamming's meeting I almost fall asleep when someone was talking with me ..My god..Am I really look so tired recently?

Few days ago I received few mask from Petite Dolly FashionHouse ..
Thanks for the mask:) I love it and I think watsons got sell this mask too but just the price is expensive if you compare with this..You can get cheaper price from Petite Dolly FashionHouse and join their activity which can get Mask for FREE! the Pearl whitening Mask and hyaluronic acid Mask not bad :) Eye mask still haven try yet..hahaha 

 Back to the topic..went to F88 and Pavilion with HweeSin just now...Meet my cousin and his wifey :) And also their cute cute baby girl...1st time shopping with HweeSin..Imma so scared she will feel boring ...hahahaa but at the end she satisfied :P
 I'm so happy..I went to F88 , Mirrocle..and i bought a leopard scarf.. RM 9.90 only...
Damn love the leopard scarf..forgot to take the picture but that's really so cheap :D
 Go and get one!
And of course i get myself a nice top from mirrorcle too..So cheap and nice cloth from there! hahahaa
Tml no class but still need to go university :O freaking tired! want rest also can't make it! All the best and good luck to me tomorrow!
 Went to Chatime too :) Meet them! LoveChatime..i try the honey xxx..4got the name of the drink :P Sowiie..

 guess what?! I saw this! damn 30% off! I want get this sneaker from this shop!! Nice right? all RM98-RM130+ ONLY! arrrrghhh
 Nice one! ahahhahaa Picture time now!!
 Time to bed :) I'm to tired today! Bye bye and Ciaoz~

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