25 February 2011

Herloo everyone :) am i late?! Many things happen this week..Sometime just so exhausted to make every decision...And I have a Presentation on this Thursday and everyone unhappy because of that...It's Okie! Hwee Sin cried after that :( Pity her..we prepare everything end up become like this....SHIT LIKE HELL =.=
This week Imma totally not enough sleep :( I didn't blame anyone but I need to say thank you to them~ I learned something from all of my group members..and all of them are just so lovely! and one of the girl kinda special but she have a very good brain and idea..and very clever and she try her best to plann everything for us!..big Thanks to her too..because of her our lecturer aim us more high than others..Everyone is under stress now.It's challenging now...As she said : lecturer aim higher ,we can do even better!  :)
I love you, girls♥ 
Thanks Priscelia...She help me a lots and always become my translator when I so exited til i can't talk in english! LOL although sometime she is so evil :P...Thanks Kin May and Vivian for the report(and jump into the swimming pool)..Thanks Bing Xuan for the plan..Thanks for everyone..Now still haven done the assignment and i'm already here to say thank you to you all..HAHAH..Keep in my mind and i will say it in the future :) I will try my  best to be a good leader but please forgive me if sometime I'm so rude and scold you all :O sorrrrryyy~
Guess who is this? ahahhahaha :) Really had a blast with you all that day :) Please be patient and see the product we sell ..Maybe will show you guys next week! Remember buy from me..HAHAHAH I want get many marks in my mid term for this stupid subject :O 

Bad news for me! our PCA lecturer changed! ARGH i dun want the same lecturer again! I want new lecturer because he is so humor and fun! everyone love him~yerrr!! I'm so confidence for the assignment but now..new lecturer need to write new proposal..WTH! need to wait my 21362312 minutes to hand up a new proposal! My brain want to burst !
This is my vivaz new look..changed to cover..! Sony Errison X8 not bad! i mau leh :P
 :P I have no idea why i hug my stupid bear! look noob here..hahahahaha!

Will update my blog tml..about my make up bag :) show you guys my make up things and bla bla...! i bought a new bag to put those thing..that's really big enough can keep all my make up thing! useful! So, yea! see you guys tml! =]


  1. may i know where u buy ur phone cover?

  2. at a phone shop near puchong :)
    my friends last time work at there ..he go take his phone so at the same time i'm there and i bought this :)

  3. cause how much? depend on the phone model? mine is x8 o><" will expensive?

  4. have faith in yourself kay. =)
    trust me, you can do it! =)

  5. Anonymous ..Mine just rm6 but the shop actually sold rm12..just my friend know the boss so cheap abit..
    i think X8 is rm10-12 only :)

    Henry..Thanks henry :)