Valentine's Day is On Monday ♥ A Gift for your beloved =]

12 February 2011

Hey Guys and Girls ♥ :)
Guess what?! Next Monday is Valentine's Day =] Still thinking? Still confusing? Still worrying? about what you gonna give for your partner?! Hahaha you still got more than 24 hours to prepare a present for your love one!
Dun feel disappointed if didn't receive any Valentine's present :) Because I....never celebrate any Valentine's Day or receive any Valentine's present from my love one YET!dun feel surprise about it...It's truth! Don't simply accept people gift if you're not interested about him/her..Sometime, people can misunderstood you... unless you're interested with him! 

"Valentine's Day is the time for love. If you have still not told that someone special how much you love him/her, then, what better time to say it other than Valentine's Day. So go, buy a gift for your special someone and say the three magic words "I Love You". If you have already passed that step in your relationship, then it is the time to liven up your relationship again."

Hahahhaa...So yea! dun feel upset if you're single!...Go and buy some chocolate for yourself and love yourself more for the pass 18 years I'm always alone stay at home during Valentine's Day..That's never be a problem for me..I'm didn't feel lonely but feel happy because I'm still waiting for someone who can accompany me to celebrate on that day :) Full of happiness!    *Imma in my little girl world now*

If you feel that you're lonely then you're REALLY lonely and desperate for a relationship..Lolx don't let people know you're lonely but let people know you're Lovely    Single always the best people :P Opps !

So any idea for the Valentine's Present?! 
hmmm...I think nothing can beats the traditional bouquet of roses..Hahhaha but that's expensive and the rose will die after few days :( But you can bought those plastic flower..or paper flower..or feather one!
Next, a box of chocolate!! Yea..Girls like chocolate but some girls think that is an old old tradition..So..put some idea on it..You can buy a big glass bottle Put chocolate with diff shape or diff kind of chocolate inside! Put almost thirty chocolates inside and remind  her/him to take one a day and remember to miss you!Hahaha ..or  Personalized Chocolates.. Personalized chocolates are a way of putting your expressions of love into a unique delivery.
Other than that,a nice piece of jewelry or maybe necklace is sure to win your beloved's heart. If you cannot afford diamonds or gold(really can't afford :(), go for silver or even some nice imitation jewelry..
Another romantic gift for Valentine's Day is a photo frame. However, DON'T forget to put a nice photograph of both of you together in that frame, before gifting it.

I think most of the girl don't like their beloved spend too much money on Valentine's Day..So maybe you can gift your partner an entire day with you, which starts with a romantic movie, followed by a candle  dinner(prepare or cook a meal with your partner) and ends with "I love you"♥ Or maybe a kiss :3..remember to say it with words.

Teehee SO...Hope you guys enjoy my post and give your beloved an unforgettable valentine's day :)
Last but not least!! HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!



  1. 2 years ago, I'd bought a bouquet of plastic roses for Siin when Valentine. And I can't never forget the expression of her face at the time>>> (=.=|||)

  2. Lmao..i thought she give you a lam face..
    but she is a kind of person that keep those sweet and lam expression inside her deep deep heart :) haha

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