Happy Chinese New Year♥ Day One

03 February 2011

 Herloo everyone :)*short update* Most of my friends back their hometown and tomorrow my turn :] Imma back Ipoh..hahaha ..Hmmm my grandmother there don't have internet connection so I can't update my blog but i will upload some of the picture @ my fb album =]
 After i back from hometown i will make a short article about my G12 (since everyone was asking me and call me to blog about it) So i will play with some effect and function of the camera :O but some i still dunno what to do with! LOL.. Wait for my update .. I will get back to you soon people!
 Oh yea :) and and and I also will post about my Chinese New Year :) so many picture have to upload . So ,be patient :P
Time to bed :) Good night..sweet slumber ! Ciaoz!

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