Post for Outing :) 19/2/2011♥

20 February 2011

Hey guys Miss me? sorry for the emo post yesterday..and today went out with my dear and my gang! 23273846 years just meet them once :P Just joking! 

Okie..Short Post and photo taken using my BabyG ..Since my friends are waiting me for this post for a long long time..Here are some photo! 
 As VIP driver fetch all of 6 people inside a car! my god!dun waste petrol and save some money then :P Fetch Shini then mua dear Lyvia, Jason , Nicky :)
I have no time to dress up myself...Yesterday so late just can go bed and today wake up so late too =[ So freaking ugly today!
Then, went to Neway! Sing K at there...And damn expensive..Long time didn't go Sing K..need to practice more..Next week maybe go again...My band's leader need us go there to practice some of the song! Busy Sunday and Saturday again :( Took so less picture today due to the dark condition inside the K room :O Flash until my eyes i give up then..After that went to toilet! Then picha time...Boy always wonder why girls like to take picture inside the toilet..LOL =.=
 Some of the picture is so damn blur because we keep shake shake our hand and i didn't on the function..=.= I just figure out just now! My god!

After sing K we went to shopping *is a must*Then went to Subway and enjoy our dinner :3 nom nom delicious! Half size of the burger cost me Rm18.90..Expensive nia~
Okie lar..Tomorrow need to wake up early then 2o'clock go to jamming...After that 24 hours stand by to receive any emergency call from my group member :O keep buying reload card :( non stop...Where's my bonus?! Argh! Monday group discussion and meeting :( need to make a video clip which promote our product..and the length of the video clip is 5 second..what can i say?! wtf

Next post is about my make up's bag and also BabyG picture post! dun miss it ya :)


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