18 February 2011

 Hey people :)  Thanks for the remind..I forgot about something..I said that i want to blog about my new BabyG camera but until now..i STILL...haven update any post about it..Because I'm so so so busy right now...I hope can update that post as soon as possible

This is just the 2nd week of my last semester but i just wonder why..2nd week macam final week! Every assignment are LONG TERM ASSIGNMENT...which means you need to make an update and write an report about your assignment to your own lecturer..I just so stress about that..I skip some of my band meeting and I didn't attending their meeting :( I feel so bad and mad now!

Today as usual, I went to class this morning..and everyone was waiting to hand up their report outside lecturer's room..I'm the one too! Priscelia aka PiPi and I were waiting outside..Mr.Kitty is enjoying his holiday today but still he come to school to accompany me... all of us haven take our lunch and waiting outside

Finally our turns! Okie..guess what?! lecturer band everything! This assignment will be our mid term exam..Is about create a business which you can earn MORE THAN 2k within 2 weeks! It should be more than 2k..Okie..That's still fine for us! The most terrible is lecturer don't let us to book a place to sell our product and can't open booth, can't online selling the product..

What to do now?! I pass and hand up my report to lecturer together with Pipi...Most of the ideas had been band can cancel by our lecturer..before 7pm we must hand up the complete report...As a leader! That's not a easy things to control 12 people in a group..We create a group and i hope that can help us to communicate with each others even we're not in the same room or place...but...Some people are just so lazy to online..I keep update the post and status or maybe document inside the group..and Imma act like spammer keep spam my own group! wtf

 Reject and reject..we redo our report just now(successful and idea approved/accepted by lecturer)THANKS GOD!..I haven take my lunch..Finish the report at 3pm..Went to see our lecturer again! Both of us...together with kin may..3 of us are the only people in the group who actually sacrifice our time to complete our report.*I didn't mean that you all didn't did the work ya*dun misunderstood~..I know some of them are on the way back their hometown..That's the reason why i didn't call you all come back and complete the report with US...I dun mind that actually..But what i hope is..The final decision we did can be accept by all the group member ..

And i think i'm so busy right now ..I handle too much job..I need to concentrate in promoting section..

  • .I need to open a BLOG AND open a Facebook account .
  • .manage both well and edit it nicely and put all the product inside...
  • and also take and record a video post it to fb or youtube to promote our product
  • Discuss with our supplier and call her 
  • Take photo with the product ..photo shooting model
  • Choose product and help Pipi to List down all the product list
  • Teach you all how to make the handmake DIY key chain and Handphone bag..we need to sewing 
  • Need to buy the ingredient
  • Need to complete the product list and order list.. 
  • All the thing ABOVE..must be complete within next week..Next Friday I must bring my lap top and show lecturer our online promote things...

I had alot..Millions ton of responsibility..My god! That's why I'm so busy today! I'm totally mad after all..and I hope i can finished everything by today include the presentation next week ...Sorry that I'm late my friends..I hope that what i sacrificed to you all..you all can appreciate it...I hope! please! dun complain anything ..I scared of everything and now I'm need to concentrate into promote section  i will still handle any problem and ensure everything to run smoothly!

And please..If you got suggestion pls say it out! dun keep in mind and complain with other people or complain behind of me :)  I hope we can complete this project proudly and happily! <3 cause we WORK as a GREAT 
TEAM! and all of YOU are a PART of this team! NO one is suppose to be LEFT out!

Last  but not least ...what i want to say is...pls..dun try to ignore every post inside our group ,if not we will IGNORE you and you can't argue or vote for anything after we had make decision.. Thanks!

P/s:I'm not scolding one of you ..I'm just mad because can't get some of the reply from you all..I hope we can get a high marks for this assignment...Thanks :)

Since I'm so mad now...and freaking tired...btw this post is so so so emo! Show some funny GIF picture to you guys...I'm really stress now! i'm not trying to make you all stress or mad after  this..if I did , then sorry for making you all stress or mad  ..Lolz...
 Ciaoz Bye people :)

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