15 February 2011

Hey sweetie :) How your Valentine's Day?! Went out last night..Because all of us got class on Monday =< That's too bad..And yesterday keep raining outside..I realize that every place is full of couple and what come out in my brain is Love..

I remember when i'm still in secondary school..My friend which come from Taiwan bring a lot candy to school..then give all of us..and have a paper write "Happy Valentine's Day " That's SWEET!...and I think not only couple can receive present..sometime friends can give you present as well...

hmmm~ thinking of next year make some cookie or chocolate to all mua friends =] That's sweet too..or maybe call all my single friends out have a date with all strangers! Hahahah good idea! then book a restaurant and have dinner with each other! fight with those couple ..hahahaa
Open House and invite all mua friends come ! I think that's better and everyone can have a blast too..But  that's hard to organize too :<

 Anyway ..someone told me..everyday is Valentine's Day if you're in love with someone  =] That's right too...Went to Subway enjoy our dinner yesterday :3 every place full..TOTALLY FULL OF PEOPLE!..
After that went to Mid Valley..Wanna watch movie but didn't book ticket online! so..give up then :< and 9pm+ reach Mid Valley..not enough time..but still..I'm happy ! haha..Very simple Valentine's Day I have but compare with last few eighteen years..This is the most happy Valentine's Day! Hahaha
The flower is too cute! and got feather beside that  :P So yea..my very 1st time receive it..teehee ! So must take a picture with this cute hello kitty flower!
 Thank You  :) Imma happy is not because of the flower you gave me yesterday..It's because you know what i like the most..what in my mind  ..Saw this when both of us shopping @ Time Square..and there're got 32464864 flower...but last you bought this! Yea! Like ! Sibeh like* Thanks x 1000000 :P
Last  but not least! a picture for both of us..:) Thanks for spending your time with me..Appreciate it much!


  1. omg, ur hello kitty flower so damn cute! I love hello kitty too!! ^^ Can i ask where he bought that?

  2. Yes sure :)
    At time square...hahaa
    at a shop which full of hello kitty and pink cute stuff

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  4. Time square which floor can find the Hello Kitty stuff?