*MUST*5 mins Make Up tutorial- Japanese's sweet Look♥

11 May 2011

Hey Girls :) Guess what?! Finally here ...THE MAKE UP POST...First I'm telling the truth that I'm not a professional as you think..You can choose to follow as you like or maybe customize and have your own make up skill =] What can i say is.. Everyone have their own style ..just in case You're interested on my make up ...Then you have a look in this post...

Oh yea! Sorry for the late for this post...That's easy to teach my friends make up face-to-face but that's hard for me to show my make up in those pictures but i Hope you can really understand whatcha I'm doing ! Teehee...Sorry guys this is just a simple make up post because currently I'm having my exam on this coming saturday..I really hope can share everything i know to you but i need to manage my time properly..So This post  will be a 5 mins easy make up post which suitable for everyone..Especially for YOU!blek :P

You need : 
  • Contact lens [a pair]
  • Brown colour eyeshadow
  • Eyeliner Pen
  • Fake eyelashes [natural look]
  • Mascara
That's almost everything you need! Simple and easy :D 
1st Step : Choose a pair contact lens [enlarge] and that will make your eyes look BIGGER ...
2nd Step: By using the eyeliner pen..Draw your eye like the picture below...The most  eyeliner pen that i used for almost 2 years is the eyeliner pen on the photo above...Both side of the pen can use to draw a nice eyeliner.. I love this eyeliner pen because one side of the pen have...errrr...something like eraser like that[show on the picture above]..This can help you to draw a nice and sharp eyeliner!
Draw your eyeliner as the picture above..step by step don't worry :D Remember the end/tail of the eyeliner must be sharp and clean!
Can you see?! You just need to draw a eyeliner ...after that your eye totally look Diff! x2.5 Bigger
HAHAHAHAHA! so funny because I haven draw my left eye!
3rd Step♥: I think every beginner start learned make up with brown colour eyeshadow..Right? Because this colour is the most simple,safe and easy to mess with..But don't get your eye dirty with the dark colour ya! Remember clean your brush before you put on your eyeshadow
After putting my eyeshadow! I know that's not so obvious but don't worry i still got 32974 pictures can show you the before and after...LOL
4th Step♥: Ahaaa! Taaadaaa! Fake eyelashes! We need to create an natural eyelook so I just use one eyelash instead of using a pair!save money and time :P LOL
As the picture above..Choose one out of your 92847237423242 pairs eyelashes! Lol..then take one and cut it into 2 pieces..One for left eye and one for right! Remember the length of the lashes.. See carefully what's the diff and how to ensure which is for left eye and which for right..Don't confuse yourself :D
Taadaaa! With flash!! just need few step only!!!Stick your eyelashes with glue and from the back to the front..Look at your mirror! Stick half eye with the eyelashes can make your eyes look more longer!
 5th Step♥:Last but not least, use your mascara and your eyelashes curling tool to create a long and thick eyelashes! And also draw a eyeliner at your bottom of your eye...!!
Look ...HAHAHAHAHAHHA my left eye look cacat! LOL
Can you see the diff?! Scared you? :( RAWR..
 After and before's eye! Lol one big one small! So obvious!!!
Complete your make up for both of your eyes :) Curl your hair and dress up nicely! Can go out already!! Teehee~..
Fail -.- picture so blur! Again!!
Tadaaa~Hope you like it!! Used almost 2 hours to finished this post ! Q&A :

About Mascara :
About Make Up Remover :

Always take a good care of your skin :) Wash your face twice a day, Drink more water ! Argh :( Exam on this coming saturday and Now all dark circle come and say" HI" to me! :(* 

Bye Bye people :) Ciaozzzz~


  1. dear,

  2. 每一个人都可以的哦 :)
    要看选的fake eyelashes的类型..

  3. hey sweetie ,
    what contact lens r u wearing ?

  4. may i noe which brand of eyeliner are u using?? i cant find a suitable eyeliner for myself >.<

  5. 还不错,下次可以试试拍video来教学,比较清楚,呵呵~

  6. oh well..
    actually every pen is almost the same
    but just what form you like
    you prefer in liquid form or pen or gel?

    I'm using Pupa:non conventional beauty [multiply] eyeliner pen which i bought it from sasa's shop :)