About Hair(2) ♥

19 May 2011

Meow :3 Herloo people ..Hahaha still left one paper to go! Freaking exited now :D Btw, I lost something today! Hope can found it at somewhere maybe drop inside Mr.Kitty's car..Please come back my手链! That's too important and meaningful to me..I don't want get a new one T.T Please come back! *sign*

oKIE! Finished all hard hard subject's paper , now is time to RELAX!Some reader ask me about my hair @ my formspring..They wonder how I dye my hair back to normal brown colour...As you know I dye my hair few months ago..[long long long time ago] And my result is.....

Super super red! I'm so angry with the hair stylish! I can accept red but that too red for me when I stand under the sun and everyone looking at me ...Some say nice...Some say that colour too mature for me ..Not my type! Lol.. I can't wait and I didn't want to spend extra money to dye my hair again!So,I go watsons and get a Loreal and re-dye my hair...
This brand same packaging but not this colour! I'm using copper brown..First the outcome is so damn black! Can you imaging! I don't want back to secondary's school life!but the colour start fade after 1 weeks :D It become like brown now but under sun still got Red colour! ARGHHH! Another hair stylish tell me that red colour wont fade easily and can't cover it easily :( ... 
Taadaaa!! After is damn nice...until now I still haven go and dye my hair cause the root still not so obvious :D Still ok for me ya..and I have a long long hair last time..I decided to cut it down because my dear-Lyvia say too long look like so chubby and not suitable for me :( I wanna make it curl actually but then...hmmm...ermm...you know girls always change their mind :D 

Then now, I'm using Asience hair shampoo,conditional .treatment ... The result is more obvious now! Maybe my hair length changed already so my hair become more and more healthy :D As conclusion, I love Asience!Liese Juicy Shower after all :) 

I hope my hair can become more and more healthy ! Muahahhahahaha...That's all for today! Oh yea :) Uploaded some photo and clearing my Wardrobe..:D Some photo here! Hhahahaa
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