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17 May 2011

Herloo people :) Hahahah Finally I had finished 2 papers...Still leave 3 subject to GO! GO.GO.GO! Did you realize something about my website? 

Yeap! I change my to :) Super exited now! Finally I've someone who sponsor my website!I'm the lucky winner sponsored on May by Tricky Host!!! Tricky Host  always the best !! As you guys know I'm not familiar with those web web thing! But they really helped me alot :) They manage to reply you on time..And also They will provide everything for you..Answer every question that you ask!

Trust me..They're the trusted one! I'm so exited now and I'm thinking to change my Layout for my new Be patient cause I'm having my exam on this week :P  

I choose to stay with blogspot and I don't wanna to change to wordpress because If i change to wordpress i have to start everything new..And I'm lazy to make a new blog again..So this will be the best choice for me and you guys no need to change the link for long as you click to you still can access to :) Nice right?!

Millions thanks to Tricky Host : ..They so efficient..I reply their email yesterday and today i have my own ! Appreciate and finally I can have my own site! REALLY THANKS! Thanks god! Thanks  Tricky Host ♥.. Love! 

This is my very first time..Appreciate ! Thanks..I'm so happy now!

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Have a nice day.. 

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