Review: Sexy Look 草莓粉刺淨空組♥

01 June 2011

Herloo Peeps :) A lot people inbox and ask about this product..Sexy Look 草莓粉刺淨空組..I bought it from Hannah about RM40..Yeas! I tried it and my brother too...

My nose got a little bit black/white head only so the result is not that obvious..Same case with my bro ..the result not obvious too...So...I decided have a try on someone's nose...ahahahaha! I think the outcome of boy using it will be more obvious! Seriously...Trust me..You can see the outcome now!!! 

Taaataaaa.. 1st picture is not that obvious but you can see..biji biji lama lama jadi bukit -.-Yiakkk'' For boy who like to do some sport activity and don't or dislike to wash/clean their face..This will be the result after using This product...SEEEEEE!
 This is Picture two..WAHLAO..look like many many....T.T
 Enlarge it..wth? Can you see it?! But after that so so so happy and no more black or white dot dot in someone's nose :P But still need to clean and wash face everyday lar :) If not still can see and those black head will keep on say HI with you ..

 Inside the box got 3 product..follow step-by-step... 30 mins done everything and remove 80% black head :D and this is so easy to use!So nice...This product is really useful on boy's nose..My dad too :D for girl it's not that obvious cause we normally wash and clean our face everyday but boys always lazy to do it :P

Drink more water and wash your face everyday :) You can increase your demand with a clean clean charming face C= Have a nice day..
 Awww :) eating my chocolate now! Mr.Kittyfinally back from Aus, Melbourne with her mom :D I love the cotton cloth [I  Melbourne] and the cute Penguin ...I desperate mau go trip! :'( I want go Bangkok shopping til drop!Teehee..After that I want collect all the 'I ♥ xx' T-shirt from every country! I tak mau di MALAYSIA!! Hot til drop! Almost burn!
 and a Guess wallet from him too :) Thanks Mr.Kitty and his brother..Hahhahaaa
and then this..super nice MAKE UP BASE :P Go and get it!! Thanks Cissy :) Love Love..Teehee..

Bye bye :) Enjoy your dinner and Imma enjoy my chocolate now! Xoxo..