A day with 倪安東 ♥Anthony Neely 24/6

25 June 2011

Herloo sweeties :) Hahaha sorry for the late..I'm here to blog ! Here I come! Lolx..So freaking tired yesterday and I don't know why my facebook videos upload til so slow -.- it take one hour+ to upload a video which i already resize it :'(
Anything so special about yesterday?! Yeshhh! Anthony Neely 倪安東 come to MMU last night :D Everyone is super duper exited..Meet Maykye , her bf and her friends too..There're so funny but I can't really concentrate and join their conversation because I'm so sleepy -.- My eyelid so heavy! But there're so friendly and cute :P
I'm not his fans but my bro and mom want to get his signature ! That's why I'm there...But not bad :) He is so tall and look so handsome..Girls almost faint when he's singing on the stage :) 
 If you guys really know me a lot ..You know I always mention that ..The most touching moment for me is when someone really sing a song to you[sincere and full of love] + playing guitar and smile brightly C=..That's my type! AHAHAHAH :P
 Some snapshot from the video i took yesterday night ..Here's the video:)
This is the video that i uploaded last night at my facebook :) If you want you can click and find it on my facebook ya..倪安東-unplug散场的拥抱♥ 唯一一场校园签唱会 
Above this is 倪安東 的戏剧天份&幽默表演 25/6 ..He is so cute after I saw his performance..but I'm still so sleepy T.T And I'm holding my BabyG 12♥ :( My hand keep goyang goyang! :'(

Okie..Picha time :) Some of the photo from Kenji and some of that from WenYong :)Others I forgot already but just share with you guys if you're  倪安東 's fans!

I'm so lucky cause actually I'm late that day but I sit on the 3rd row! Hahaha and I dun even need to wait to get his signature :) Hohohoho.. So messy that day. oily hair + sleepy face because I'm alone waiting the time to pass inside the Library *everyone go back and wear nicely but I'm still the same -.-*..That's the reason :'( and then I meet Maykye..Thanks her alot! for accompany me! :D
 And lastly those 记者 ask me to take a picture with Anthony :) Oh I'm so lucky but idk who is holding the photo :'( and the photo above..Can you see my hand? HAHAHAHAHAH but no face -.- LOL...

That's all for yesterday!
and Tomorrow I will bjoining Krusty Market at Millennium Square ...Opps :) Spot me tomorrow, See you there sweeties...!

Last but not least :) Alleluia by 倪安東 ♥...