Double Eyelid Tutorial :韓國雙面雙眼皮貼♥Double eyelid tape[Both side]♥Best* Part [1]

21 June 2011

Herloo all my dearest readers =)..I'm as usual today..Nothing special but that's something more special♥ than everything :D This is a super duper nice cosmetic stuff for girls/boys..Especially for Single eyelid people! Some of you might familiar with you and some of you might not! So I'm here to blog about this nice stuff !

What so special about this eyelid tape?! BECAUSE this eyelid tape have both side/double side ♥ which can stick and hold your eyelid! Most of the blogger tried and used it :) and they blog about it too..I found it so long and I'm order with my friends Hannah Liew ..You can add her facebook or you can Inbox me! Cause I'm selling too :D 

One packet  look 100% alike with the photo above and it's include 44 eyelid tapes [22 pairs]Which can use almost one month! RM10 each pack :) Every seller are selling the same price..For my friends you can get it cheaper from me :D Exclude Postage! I saw some of the forum selling RM12 or RM14! Grab it and try it now !
 Each Pack have x2 [Picture Above]
 Now get ready to take it off! x)
 Take off the white paper which stick with the double eyelid tape...Then..
 Daaaadaaaa! Transparent and both side are so sticky ..Wont drop or become not stickyafter you stick it! C=
 Use the tool which together with the double eyelid..Stick the tool with the eyelid tape :)
Stick Stick Stick! :)
Get ready to stick it on your eyelid :) Magic!
The more higher you stick , the more thick double eyelid you have:) Special advice*.Dun make it look too fake and dun stick it too high ! We want our eyelid look more nature right?! :] I prefer to stick 2/5 part from the bottom of your eyelid :D This is the best! Haahaa~

For those thick single eyelid people you can stick it like ' U ' shape or as normal ' n' shape:)
 Practice yourself :) Don't rush for it..try slowly and you will get a nice double eyelid by using this double eyelid tape ..
After stick it on your eyelid ..Use the tool again to adjust and make your eyelid look more natural :) Look like so dangerous and scary ! But wont pain at all lar! HAHAHAHAH.. My eyelashes so long lor :P
 This is the result ! WOW..still got a little bit look so fake but after you make up ..Everything Look Perfect! Teehee..Remember to wear your contact lens C=

This is the new Contact lens I bought last week :) new new!! From a spec shop..
Sweetie Lens :) Brown colour! You can have a look on those shop which selling lens ..I think it's available at most of the spec shop! RM65 for 3 months :)
and last but not least ! I love teddy biscuit again!!re-stock :P HAHAHAHAH..Fat! 

Hope all like my post .. Anything just leave a msg at my Facebook /inbox me..Or email me to : .. Thanks! 

Oh yea! Part 2 coming soon! I'm going to teach you guys how to apply double eyelid glue! And which glue nicer :D  Tutorial tutorial!! Bye Bye world! Time to bath :) muackx

contact me ♥ if you're interested with the double eyelid! for MMU students and friends I can deliver or meet with you at school anytime during my me ya