Nail Polish♥ Nail Tutorial & Bazaar

06 June 2011

Herloo my Lovelies..Hmmm..Time to make a nail polish post :D I know you might interested with those nice pattern on the surface of your nail..Wonder how easy to make a nice nail polish?! Read this post..TRUST ME! really damn easy :)

First , take out all your nail polish :) choose a transparent nail polish and also a colour nail polish as a base of your nail...
Before applying ♥ the transparent nail polish and also a base ,you need to have a clean nail..Wash your hand before applying anything :)..
Yea :) 1st layer is apply the transparent or maybe baby pink nail polish..Then choose a colour as your base for your nail...
1st layer of the base colour..If not dark or colour not obvious enough you can apply another layer / second time to make it look darker..Be patientwait until it try before you apply the next layer :) if not wont get a nice outcome!
Second layer for my base can see the colour will be more obvious and nice compare to the 1st one...don't worry if you make until out of your nail..You still can remove it after that :D
Then use the nail polish set...Bought from Etude House..
 It's actually is something like nail Stamping ..That's a nail stamping ! Hhahaha.. if you dunno how to use the nail stamping, Don't worry..Youtube will help you! I will post a link for you to see how its work! :D
The picture above shows from left to the right = Konad Stamper ,Konad Scraper and also Image plate..
Just apply a white colour nail polish on the surface of the image plate[like the image above] then remove the extra nail polish by using a Konad Scraper..After that use the Konad stamper to stamp the image from the image plate! Then stamp the image on your nail!
Taataaa! Outcome! Still the 1st time so look a bit ugly . ___ . Ignore me!! But practice make perfect...Remove the extra layer outside of your nail using the nail polish remover...

Last but not least ..Please apply a transparent nail polish for the last layer :D That's All!! C=

Youtube tutorial : How to use Konad Stamping Nail Art..

Oh yea..before i forgot... I helping my friends to promote a Bazaar which will be held on this coming weekend :D Her coursework marks will be given base on this coming Bazaar..If you're interested to join them in this Bazaar..You can contact them with the facebook link below! Viva La Bazaar will be there also..
I love Viva La Bazaar :D There have a lot nice stuff you can buy with cheap price! I planned to go there in this coming weekend i think..Sunday maybe?! Hope can see you guys on that day...Oh yea! This is also a Bazaar for Charity purpose :) Why not to support babies! Show your support ya..Love ..

Link to the Bazaar : 

 Bazaar officially website