20110605 ♥ Yam-Cha with Buddy

05 June 2011

Herloo Babies ♥ :D Guess what?! Holiday gonna end soon :( Tomorrow need to register for all my degree 1st semester subject.. Result release yesterday :D So freaking happy and satisfied...others friends also kinda satisfied with their result C= Congratz to all of us

Oh yea:) this Friday and Saturday I'm overnight at my Dear,Lyvia's house :D Both of us keep chating and talking until the next morning . __ . We forgot the time at that night..Her room don't have any clock so I can't really know what is the time while we're busy talking to each other..Lmaoz.. 
Guess why am I with all my secondary school's friends  :) I had a Yam-Cha session with them on Friday..Miss them so much..Long time didn't see them..After Yam-Cha session my voice left 20% ability to talk! Hahahhaah cause keep talking non-stop with them ...Next, all of us went to Lyvia's house to continue .. But I-ky back already T.T..Soon another yam-cha session with them!! Wait me :P
 All of us chat until midnight 2am -.- OH MY GOD..Xiaojing have to drive her car back midnight and Nicky fetching Jason back too ..Too bad idk how to drive back at night so I need to overnight at Lyvia's house~ Love them..Tomorrow need to back to MMU again..Don't know when can we meet each other like that day again :) But i know you guys will miss me so much! Hahahahhahha..Enjoy your life ya..
BTW, I'm here to introduce a pair of twins to you all xD I dunno why both of them look alike now! Maybe their hair style and their big spec..So cute! muackx..
Oh my cute dear :)

Today everyone gonna celebrate the dumpling festival :P Hope you guys can enjoy this day with all your family members :) Oh yea! Anything want to know or want me blog about anything in my post?! 

Just inbox to my facebook if you want know anything..Or you can send email to me .. chanwon92@gmail.com