How to make your own Favicon♥Tutorial♥

27 June 2011

Herloo guys and girls :) wonder what is Favicon?! I just realize few day ago ...Seems like something changed with my blog's title and I saw this Favicon♥ in my blogspot layout's setting..So i just simply google it out and I'm here to share with you ! Hahahaa 

Basically, a Faviconstand for Favorite Icon , it means your website icon /shortcut icon /URL icon or bookmark icon! All the Favicon have to be 16x16 pixels..You no need to edit and change your image to this small size but a special icon converter website can help you :D 
Choose your image from your computer then click the 16pixels size..Choose the icon bit depth..CLICK convert
Open your blogspot..Click the Design > Page element > Favicon > Edit..Choose the icon you want to make it as your Favicon :)
Daaadaaa! Spot my Favicon right now :)

Ok My previous post is about Anthony right? My friends found the video and picture for me :D
Wah..I'm so Lucky..Just I'm the one who get the chance to snap the photo with him :) Thanks everyone who tagged the photo and video !and thanks the photographer babeh!

So sleepy that day -.- Look my eyes and my hair ! I'm really tired  -.- wahlao..

That's all for today :D Enjoy your Favicon