05 July 2011

Herlooo people :) Please ignored my big eye bag.. Hahaaa! Yesterday didn't celebrate much but I went to Pasar Malam near Serdang with Christa and her family :) Enjoy 'Pan Mee' I love Dry Pan Mee! noodle! I miss the time always having my dinner at Pasar Malam ! So many months I tak go there :'( But later I will go Sri Petaling's Pasar Malam ! HAHAHAHAH i miss the food at there:)
Okie! Back to the topic..I'm here to blog about last Sunday's Shooting:) Wake up in the early morning..As usual need to apply make up on my stupid fat face -.- Why become more and more chubby -.- Hate you fat face! Then I curl my hair by my own :) Nice ? Nice? Compare to last time my hair shorter so the curl must be more loose than last time !

Before and After :)
 The curl will drop after 30 mins -.- So I hurry took a nice photo and show you guys even your hair is short but still can make a nice curl by your own :) Practice more to get a perfect and nice curly hair! Spray my curl to hold the shape If not after sweating it will become like before again! LOL

After that almost 11am :) Our big big family reach! Awwww..Mandyas pretty as usual and gave her some try on diff type fake eyelashes! Hope she like it..On the way to Bukit Tinggi, Ika feel dizzy and want to vomit :'( Take care ya! Everyone so so so worry him :P but lucky he didn't vomit out! Congratzzz!! Lmao~
Oh we reached! Snap some photo there :) Enjoy ya...3838 crazy POSEcome out later LOL..
 Photographer James :)
 My angle Mandy..
 Oh Oh! Forgot to take picture with Junior's Family :'( I miss the innocent little boy~ Hahaha
 :D Weeee~
 Ohhhhhh...My loveeee...
Some of the photo from James and Hinika :) Visit their Blog ya~ They have a lot album..
 Some photo from Iphone :)
 Last but not least! Emo Queen! Hahhaahah why my emo face look so weird -.- I wonder why?!!!!
God want me to be happy :) My life become more and more wonderful and colourful now..Thanks to you guys and also thanks to my babe Kitty ...Of course Lyvia :) Love you babeh!!!
 I just realize my lip is so so so so dry :( Lipstick please!