Photo Shooting♥ @Bukit Tinggi [1] by Hinika & Junior Ong

10 July 2011

Hey Hey People :3 I'm back! Sorry for the late ..I'm gonna upload some of the photo took by Hinika now! Ohhhh I know you guys want to see it :P I super duper like the photo this time..Although I'm not really good in doing all those pose -.- A bit weird I know but I love the tone and the feel of the photo... Some photo you might saw on my facebook account or Page ♥ but some I haven upload before..So ...hmm..Have a Look ya :3 All of them have their working life a bit busy..BUT... I will keep update my photo ya! Be patient and stay tuned people :D 

All the photos below took by Hinika.

 I love the colour so much too :)
 That's all for today :P Tata..xoxo