Viva La Bazaar ♥ 20110717

17 July 2011

Herloo mua readers  :) Just done and finished pack everything ! So tired ..I guess every vendors same as me now! Leg damn pain~ Wake up early in the morning..suffer girl's monthly pain!fml!Guess I can't really stand for whole day long..But after take the medicine my mom bought for me last month..I just can stand and walk! If not I don't think I can went to Bazaar today :) Thanks God~

10.30am reach there :) Meet a lot pretty & sexy vendor there! as well as Bell and Doreen..Jacklynselling Iphone4's case! Is freaking nice..Too bad I can't have my own Iphone4 now :'( 
What am I selling today? :) Pictures do talking..
Interested for Necklace/Ribbon Hair Accesories/eyelid tape? Just pm me okie :) Teehee..After that wont order again..Grab it fast! Thanksfor the people who bought my stuff and also Khristina, who purposely come and visit me for a while..but Touching :)..I meet new friends and all the friendly vendors :) They're just so cute! When we got nothing to do..We just playing around with Moselle :P BellLove her so much..She's just soooo cute!

Again :) I know you guys prefer to see photo than word..So..I just let the photo do talking ...
Prepare for everything :) Oh ...Spot pretty Bell and Doreen :) Just behind me and Jacklyn Iphone4 casing in front on me...So attractive :D Bell is going to open a online shop..Maybe next week..Oh yea! after all the photo..Is time to take photo with all the vendors :P Teehee..
when we're too free! LOL ignore! HAHHAAHA
 who block half of my face .___. LOL Doreen's eyes is so sexy..

After that..Moselle is the one who accompany us and playing with us :)
Ohh :) Cute

Opps :) Me and Christa with the reddyyyy car :P
 Lol..Moselle doing what here?!
 Same Skirt with Christa :)
Outfit of the day :) I just headache about what to wear today..Finally leopard top and pink skirt :P Love..
 Last but not least..bought a bright yellow pretty cute dress from both Bell and Doreen..Their stuff is so nice..Christa bought one from them too :D Teehee!
Nice nice? where to wear ??? hmmmmm..

That's All for today :') Still got many photos..Upload to my fb acc later! Love ya..Tuesday Quiz and Mid Term on this coming Wednesday and next week! :O Ohhh myy God! Good luck people..Night~

PS: ignore my eye's eye still haven recover yet..So swollen :'( please recoverrrrrrr ..*sign so ugly :(