20110725♥ Exhausted

25 July 2011

Herloo Guys and Girls  :) How do you do? I miss you guyss!! so freaking tired recently..I hope everything will run smoothly..Assignment and presentation for each subject..Exhausted after all...Not really happy yesterday :'(

I just realize everyone look like me :'( *not really everyone larh* Some of them...I saw their facebook's status..They're so emo..read through all of them..I just realize sometime I'm so tired to be happy too..People just can't feel that..Just I am the one who hide on a side and cry alone..Maybe that's a bad habit but I wonder who will  care and concern about me..

I feel tired and sad when I see lovely couples who really loved each other but at the end they separate and bye bye to each other.. But i know at the end, god will left the best and suitable one for you :) Don't be sad ... Maybe sometime problem occur but there are no solution for it! hmmmm..
Skip emo topic.. I changed my Blackberry's case..I want to grab a new housing for my bb !! Any cheap and nice place introduce? And I want to upgrade my OS ... :'( where to install new language for my BB? I can't see any chinese word !! Thanks for Clemond and Maykye accompany me and make my day!

Another two mid term paper on this Thursday and Friday :'( I'm not afraid for the exam but I'm so lazy recently! Can someone or sumthing motivate me? Motivation..Where're you! Presentation on this Thursday..Group meeting tomorrow ...Critical Thinking assignment's due date on this coming Wednesday! Goooshhh! No matter how..I still will catch up everything

Can someone cheer me up? I really dislike this kind of feeling :'(  pretend to be happy?! NO WAY!!! arghhhh!