♥20110714♥Maybelline*New Eyeliner Pen*

14 July 2011

Oh my hot babies :) Have a very nice day with mua sweeties today...Went out to meet my sweeties @ IOI mall! Oh yea..Finally have a date with them :) Sorry if I'm toooooo talkative..Teehee! Forget to take picha with them !! aiyaaa

I cut my hair at this afternoon with Maykye♥nice nice?!..After that meet Khristina..Love her nose and she's so shy today :3 Cubit cubit her face!
Back to the main point :D I bought a liquid eyeliner pen from Watsons few days ago! That's super nice..The eyeliner pen can draw tiny tiny and sharp line on your eyelid :) Falling in love with that~

 Yeshhhhh!  Maybelline.Hyper Sharp Liner!. New new newbie also know how to use..No more worried! Example :
Can see?! I just draw a ">" shapeat the end of my eyelid :) If you draw more long it will appear and look like those "猫眼妆" Japanese make up style - Cat's eye make up! LOL but go class can't draw like that..Too over later people think I'm crazy ! Just as simple as that :) Make your eye look bigger and brighter by using this eyeliner pen! This good stuff only RM25 i think..around that..No  more than RM30..I forgot the price .___.

Ps: Kate liquid eyeliner pen not bad too :) But this more suitable for newbie/beginner :D
and Guess what my daddy bought me and mummy both a wallet! Forever love leopard !! Whitey is Love, Leopard is Love..Oh yea yea! Having big sales on Pavilion..Grab this :) Weeeeee!!
Kuchai Lama ,Snowflake with Maykye =)
Show you guys my eye -.- The stupid Bingcon hurt my eye!! WHAT TO DO?! SO pain..like something can't remove from the lens..Got one tiny tiny thing..So i went back the shop and show them my EYE! LOOK LIKE THIS...FREAKING SCARY..and they say order a new one and will return back for me! WTF -.- 

Optical shop's contact lens leh! I use so much money to buy that you give me this F* outcome -.- My eye! one of my eye wear until so comfortable..Another one look like this -.- Actually is so scary ! Maykye saw that too! Really pain! :'( I hate you stupid lens!!

At first I tot that was something fly into my eye..But after I tried to wear for both of my eyes..I just realize is the contact lens problem not my eye problem..WTF! Damn you! I rather to buy those not from optical shop one..That kind also wont wear until like this-.- ARRRGHHHHH!

Ps: Dun learn me dun take off the lens....Once you feel uncomfortable just straight away take it off..I just wanna show the seller that my EYE wear the lens until like this..But still..so Pain now :'( Like needle keep 插 my eye ball T.T..