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03 February 2015

Good Afternoon my little sweeties  It's an unforgettable year for me as in previous year I never join any Lou Sang Ceremony except for small steamboat gathering with my family. I'm blessed with everything happens at the beginning of year 2015. Last year wasn't so bad for me but it's all about hard working me and I'm always so tired with everything even I achieved what I want. I hope I can get a better one this time because I promised myself I'm gonna enjoy as much as I can this year. *finger crossed*

So this time, thanks for the opportunity!! Finally I got a chance to do some Chinese New Year Haul before this coming CNY. I'm so excited when I received a call from them and in this post I'm gonna share about the super awesome day I spent @Sunway Pyramid and of course gonna blog about my one and only CNY Haul! This time I gonna shop til drop!!

Wish that you guys can experience this Chinese New Year atmosphere with me & I guess you might need to come over @Sunway Pyramid during this CNY season as the mall is dotted with cute & adorable FLUFFY SHEEP! There are some exciting festive activities and exclusive redemptions too! It's another unique experience for me this time :p

   Spot the colourful sheep. It's so cute and you can take photo with all of them :p

  Also got my exclusive Fluffs of Joy Sheep Pillow Pet :p

*For the sheep pillow you can redeem it by spending RM1000 (RM800 for HSBC Credit Cardholders) in 3 receipts and this cute little sheep pillow available in 5 colours.

Except for that, all shoppers (included you and me) can enjoy their free Porter Boy & Buggy Service @11am-11pm from 16th January to 18th February. See my happy smile and shy expression when the porter boy came to me. He was so helpful and young! I can feel that I'm old enough to carry all my shopping bags and there are here to help ALL OF US! Thanks Sunway Pyramid for this awesome service~

Call 010-2897 509 for a free ride on the Buggy & Call 011-2888 7736 for their Porter Boys. Save this phone number or print screen it. I'm sure you will need it! Teehee*

Guess my mom and dad will feel proud of it if someone help  us to carry all our heavy shopping bags! Muahahahah Guess you should bring yourself and your family to flock over Sunway Pyramid during the Chinese New Year season. Mom will be going to Sunway Pyramid with me this weekend to purchase some CNY goodies for home and gifts for families and friends. I can't wait to meet the porter boy again this time :p 

After all the awesome service provided by them it's time to SHOP  like a pro with me! Yea~ Are you ready for that?!!!!



I got RM888 cash to shop within 1 hour 30 mins and someone told me that it's SALES everywhere. I thought 1 hour 30 mins should be enough for me but in fact, IT'S NOT!!Not enough ehh!! I run all the way from one shop to another shop just to find some CNY clothes but end up fall in love in getting some new shoe and heel for my CNY Haul.

Looking at the shopping map provided by the team I only going to shop til drop around two floor which is LG1 & G1. I mean like you can turn one round to look for it and start to shop like a crazy person (just like me) HAHAAHAHAH

First stop ZARA! There are more than 50% discount there especially BAGS! From the original price RM200+ to just RM60!! It's so cheap but I guess I should grab shoes rather than bag since I don't wanna waste my money. HAHAHAHAA! I love the heel but not my size :'( From RM200+ discount until RM100-150 ONLY! So damn cheap if it's my size I'm sure this should be mine then. lol

I have no extra time to talk with smelly so he was my photographer of the day! No camera but iPhone will do the best on its own since it's quite fun to shop  like a pro this time. Normally I don't dare to step into the shoe and clothes corner because you know~ Girls~~ HAHAHAHAAH since I still looking around I decided to take a look at TopShop first and if I still left some $$ I will come back to Zara. lol   (sure left $0 if i say like that xD)

 Second stop:TOPSHOP! To be honest I spent like more than 50% $$ at TopShop because they are having sales + cash voucher for you to redeem on your next purchase. The stuff told me that once you purchase above RM250 you can get RM200 Cash Voucher on your next purchase (*next purchase should exceed RM400 only can use the voucher) I think this is pretty good for me because I REALLY like the heel I got from them!

Most of the time I wouldn't purchase it but this time I JUST WANT TO SHOP LIKE A PRO. So without further ado, I just go into the shop and bought a black new arrival high heel + 5 pieces of pretty panties (having sales 5 for RM79) + One lace top + One black old school topshop socking. 

Nice nice?!! Want anot want anot?!!!

3rd & 4th stop:Dorothy Perkins and Miss Selfridge! The shopping map helped me a lot. Save my time from searching the shop so the next shop after topshop should be the shop right after that. It's DP & MS. To be honest, most of the Miss Selfridge new arrival sold out in size UK6-8 ,Left over UK 10 and above ONLY! You see la my friends always told me skinny is good but I really don't like to be so skinny T.T all nice item also sold out within few days!!! 

But this doesn't kill me! I still enjoy shopping and look for some inspiration on my OOTD outfit. OH YEA~~ 
I just grab everything I love and try it on!! I DON'T CARE~~

shop shop shop!!

I'm loving this top buy DON'T HAVE MY SIZE LEH!! So bad T.T 

 5th stop:Charles & Keith!I think I have more than 4 months never shop at Charles & Keith already. Spot most of their shoes and bags! The ribbon clutch was super cute but I think I should just grab their sandal rather than bag. 

 Here's the two sandal heel that I love. It's hard for me to pick either one but end up I decided to get the black one as it's much more easy to match with most of my #OOTD. Of course, the black one came in 3 diff colour. Red // Grey// Black!

 Posted this on my insta and you guys told me it's nice! Luckily I grab the black one. It's RM149.90 new arrival. If you spend above RM300 can get RM50 Cash voucher too. 

 This also not bad, hor~~

End up I decided to wear it straight after my purchase! HAHAHAAHAH So desperate! 

 MUAHAHAH HAPPY FACE I just can't stop smiling and laughing :p Feel so happy!

6th stop:Forever 21!I tell you please~ bear in your mind that forever 21 take the longest time to shop. Because most of their item was 50%-70% except new arrival la! The thing is there are one whole corner are having BIG SALES ITEM. Hang on the racks and asking me like ' chanwon please come and take a look!!"

wtf wtf wtf?!! So nervous that time because I left 30 mins to meet at the gathering point at a chinese restaurant. So what to do I just stand far far and see whatever that's cheap...without further notice I just grab whatever I think I can wear without trying it. So far forever 21 & TopShop = MY CHOICE!! 

So ended up I bought one new arrival pouch for me to keep my new stationaries, one dark purple inner dress smelly picked for me, one lace pant (RM3O ONLY!!) , one white korean style blouse that I LOVE THE MOST! Recently fall in love with white top. I mean ANYTHING IN WHITE!!! 

 7th stop:INNISFREE!For sure I should take care my skin before this coming CNY right?! I tell you a small secret now!!! Not sure whether did you follow me on dayre but I recently found that the RM7 small mask pack from Innisfree was SOOOOOO GOOOOOOD! It's not mask sheet is like a small pack of wash-off mask! No one actually recommend this for me but I just shop at there and give it a try

MANA TAU IT'S SO GOOD MAN! I got myself a tea tree from the previous purchase and it leave my skin a super smooth skin and tighten up my pores. SOOOOO SOOO GOOD! I don't care who you are but you must try it man! 


I almost bought all of them! I love innisfree so much so much so you should try this out ladies! Don't say I never tell you ya :p

Not enough!! I need to go back there again see whether the MS top available anot! Mad love with the lace top from Topshop too because it's my size!! HAHAHAAHAH wait I create my ootd outfit with all my purchase and upload to my blog again! Stay tuned~~~ 

Prosperity Salmon Yee Sang
I wouldn't be so blessed without all of the team on that day. Once again, thanks for this 'SHOP LIKE A PRO' activity! I'm having fun shopping and running all around the whole shopping complex and I met my friends there too. Quite shy because I'm like the crazy one but lucky smelly and the porter boys were here to help us carry all our bags! WOOOHOOOO Of course, the awesome lou sang ceremony @XiaMianGuan with all of the team and me! xx

Thanks for those who contact me for this lovely activity and thanks so much for those who help me on that day. You know who you are. I love all of my purchase and I can't wait to plan my CNY ootd all themed white / pink and red!! OH YEA~~~

That's all for today. Remember to mark your date and shop at Sunway Pyramid with your friends and family!! Remember to call for the porter boys ya :p Love, xx


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