[OOTD #4] Pink x White Outfit for ChuLip Carnival

06 February 2015

 Hello My Sweethearts! Is me again and I'm so hard working this few days. Give me a thumb up now :p Btw, more #OOTD post for all of you. I got some of your request to do more OOTD post as the photo posted on my social media is quite small and sometime can't even see the outfit clearly, especially the print on the dress or basically you just want to see me more often! HAHAHAAH

Normally OOTD post should be short and nice but you know...I tried my best to shorten it! Plus, a little update on the ChuLip Carnival I went few days ago. Are you ready?! 

Let's get started!

 Actually this event themed was pop colour but I can't find any pop colour skirt so ended up I decided to wear this tricia skirt to match my which top. Recently quite crazy with white top because i feel like it actually 'volume up' my upper part of body. So I won't look so flat and skinny. LOL I think white go perfect with any colour combination! Am I right?

Added with a hot pink diamond necklace that I got few years back and of course my favourite pair of heel! I think most of you were familiar with this and I just cnt get enough of this kind of heel but don't worry I just went to sunway last week and bought 3 new heels! Can't wait to show you guys!! :p 

Colourful themed event will never go wrong for me because it make me happy and smile. That's the reason why I always like to put on colourful outfit in my daily OOTD but since I cut my hair to this short I feel so glad that I actually can carry Black and White outfit too. Slightly more on mature and korean casual style! Teehee*

Talk about colourful themed event I just can't wait to show you this ChuLip event that I went few days ago. It was my pleasure to be there because I think most of you read my ChuLip Post so I think you guys must be familiar with it. I got extra few ChuLip from the event because I won that from the game. So.....Imma gonna giveaway some to you! Let me think what else should I included in the giveaway first ya~

Seriously, it was a fun-filled day for me. I think if you were there, I'm sure you might be as crazy as me. It wasn't boring at all! Full of fun and exciting activities especially their 5x ChuLip game booth! Let me show you!!!

 There are 5 cute booth with their 'very special' activities / game such as Ping Pong Ball Toss , Ring Toss, Bushel Basket Toss, Can Knockdown & Penny Pitch. Basically what you need to do is just have fun & play around. If you able to win one of these game you can get one ChuLip. You can play as much as you can but make sure to collect 5 diff stamp from each booth. 

So except for those activities we had fun @ the wowbooth too! Photo Booth will always cheer me up! I should have one too during my wedding dinner *think until so far xD* And do you know that I'm one of the winner from the Lucky Draw?!!! I don't even know that was a lucky draw session. While I'm having fun and selfies around with my friend I heard someone call my name! CHAN WON!!!!

OMG?!! IS THAT REAL? I run from my table to the stage and I try my best to calm down myself!! I'M SO HAPPY Thanks ChuLip and their team for this T.T

 And my favourite pink colour to match my outfit T.T

 I'm so happy and until now I still can't believe this unexpected surprise. I think I just placed it on my room as a decoration + easy to bring it out for event next time! Once again, Thanks so much for everything! I love the colourful candies , cupcakes and girl in colourful Harajuku costumes! A lucky day to remember and I love CHULIP!!! Stay tuned for the giveaway~~


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