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27 February 2015

Good Evening Peeps! Was lying on the bed for the past few hours since yesterday due to my menstrual pain and it was so sad that I still have to depend on the pain killer to cure the cause of my pain. WHY?!!!! :'( But luckily this time i feel better since I start to get back the proper skincare routine. I mentioned that on my blog since months ago and Idk why my skin start turn to a super sensitive condition. I do nothing and didn't use any new product but once I go out and back from outdoor activities, my cheek area turn super red and itchy. Last time forehead and now both of my cheeks.

It turn itchy and redness and the next day I can feel my skin become so dry and skin start peeling. After peeling I don't dare to touch my face and stop using any skincare product except a normal cleanser. I stopped using whitening range product because it make my skin more itchy and dry since I experienced this. It was a suffer time for me as I still need to work and join my daily activities but I tell myself to give the skin sometime. Then I decided to try out Kiehl's product that I got from the previous event I went.

Most of the time I will blog skincare routine once in awhile. Or each time (every year) I changed my skincare product if my skin no longer effective on that product. So I stopped the whole whitening range product including the toner and change to this Kiehl's Herba-Extract Toner which is alcohol-free one. Guess this should be good on my peeling skin. Seriously it's just the cheek area!! I'm quite suffer because I have no idea on what's going on and I even angry until throw all my skincare product. I tried and repeat again with diff skincare product end up I just using the normal cleanser green tea one with this toner.

After that keep drink water , wash face twice a day and stop eating fried food. About a week my skin turn better. It works magically turn better but each two week it turn itchy and peeling again but not as serious as previous. Now it's about a month now! So i think it's the best time to update this and see whether anyone of you having the same problem or looking for a whole new range of product. Fyi, i'm normal skin type but quite Oily on the T zone area. Then it transform to a super sensitive skin on my cheek area. So I don't even know I'm still normal or can consider as a sensitive?! or combination skin? I'm not skin expert but I believe I need something to calm down my skin. lol

This toner totally shocked me to the max. Most effective toner ever on my skin so I also recommend my friend. Slowly I can't live without this toner and sometime I feel that god help me out when I'm confuse. I didn't get paid for a positive review on this but Kiehl's Malaysia met me on the event and emailed me whether I keen to do a review on their ultra facial range anot. I'm so happy they found me T.T Really so happy!!! 

I always want to try out their product but I don't even dare to step in their shop because I don't know what I want. Now I'm happy finally I can stop changing each of the product and I will continue stick with this until the end of the year I guess. Now the toner I got almost half finish and it's time to purchase a new one. I don't simply review skincare product if it doesn't works on my skin but everyone skin may vary. So it's best if you can consult with them but so far from what I experienced , I'm pretty much recommended this brand for you guys now.

But I really love the toner I mentioned just now. This full ultra facial range, + I used this for a month now and i think it's time to review it for you guys and introduce for those who need it.

This Ultra Facial Range is not for whitening or brightening but is a long lasting, moisturizing skin care system for all skin type especially for dry skin too. You can totally feel your face like so 'watery' after the first use with the oil free gel cream. Seriously!!! No joke and if you ask which should be my favourite cream (moisturiser) now, I would point out the blue bottle , ultra facial oil-free gel cream!! The star of this range is the Ultra Facial Cream that provides 24 hour hydration even in environments as harsh as atop Mount Everest, Greenland and the Antartica. But the texture is quite rich and thick so i used it at night. 

I'm so excited on this post!!! Just can't wait and review it straight to the point for you guys. So are you ready for this?!!!! 


The packaging was simple and every detail printed nicely on the bottle included the application of each product. So now, let me talk about the cleanser first.

Ultra Facial Cleanser
This cleanser seems to work better on my skin. The first few application I was quite worry and not really use to it because it's a bubble type of cleanser. Something like gel when you squeeze it out from the bottle. The thing I love after few application was, it really help to clean my face without over-drying or stripping my skin. My skin not as tight and as dry like the previous cleanser. So since it's not a bubble type you can actually gentle massage it on your skin with circular motions.

Ultra Facial Toner
I think everything was so surprise for me. The toner is actually look like a lotion more because it's more thick and rich like their cream. So it take me sometime to let the cotton pad absorb and you need to gentle pad it all over your face to let it absorb. Remember to avoid the eye area and the feeling after this application is so good. My face is like full of water just that since it's really thick it should take like extra 20 second to let it fully absorb into our skin. But overall I'm still loving it!

To lock the moisture level under our skin we ...then need to use a moisturiser / cream. As I mentioned just now the blue one was my favourite if compare with the ultra facial cream which is much thicker and rich. Personally i always prefer gel and easy absorb texture but it depend on our own preference. Some people prefer thick some people prefer gel.

Ultra Facial Cream
This is much thicker than the gel cream and it seem to absorb slower than that because of the rich and thick texture. So, i used this at night while the gel cream (blue one) I use it when I'm going out.

Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel Cream
STRONGLY RECOMMENDED!! Avoid eye area and this one works the best for me. Can totally fight with the sleeping mask I had before. After I applied it on my face, i can feel some cooling effect.
Feel like winter season!! Serious one, the feeling after use is just SO GOOD! You can start touching your face and feel your hydrated skin with full moisture level. It's the most long-lasting gel cream that I used so far. Really really hydrate me all day long especially during this CNY. 

You know my grandfather passed away, we need to walk under the sun on the last day during the funeral and even after 4-5 hours outside my skin still stay moisture. Plus, NOT STICKY and non-greasy at all! Give this and the alcohol-free toner I  mentioned just now a thumbs up!! I'm loving it does lock in moisture and the results are scientifically proven 24-hours of shine control and long-lasting moisturization. 

BEST BEST BEST! I'm going to grab the second bottle now using my only ang pao I got on the first day in CNY. lol Thanks everyone for the concern, I feel better now and for those who had dry skin please stop using any whitening product. I experienced all of this and wish that you could change your skincare range too. Hope this help :) for those who looking for moisture range product you might think of this. Although until now I still can't get what happen on my face but at least I 'feed' my skin water and stop it from peeling and itchy. 

Kiehl's Malaysia was so nice too. They even came out with a Weekdays Student's Special promotion for all students!! I hope i can still use my student card T.T Students will buy the Cream and 1 more product of choice (either cleanser/ toner) in full size, and they will receive a complimentary (cleanser or toner) to complete the set. So good right? Not sure valid until when but you can check it out at the nearest Kiehl's store!

Hope this review can answered all your FAQs as I received quite a lot of request on this. But now (since I fixed with my skincare routine) + no longer keep changing the product, I'm really happy to share this review with all of you. That's all for today. Love xx.

I do not get paid for positive review. All opinions are my own and based on my experience too. Kiehl's Malaysia sent me this product and agree me to review it with my honest and true heart review to you guys. Thanks for this opportunity & xx.


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