Kittie Yiyi's Spring/Summer 2015 | "Don't wake me up!"

28 February 2015

Everyone knows that I'm a pastel lover. Love something which is light , colourful and lovely. To be honest, I really envy those who know how to draw and design own clothing life like my friend, Kittie Yiyi. I can't draw seriously, I can only draw cute cute doodles and ribbons or butterfly. That's the max I can get. LOL  I have no idea how much effort she put on , I know it's so hard and I have no idea how many design she throw away and re-draw it again & again. What can I say?

Support local designer. You know why? Because they need our support and only people will recognise for who they are. I met her since last two years and she was a crazy , straight forward girl. At first thought she was a blogger but sooner I slowly noticed her by her work on her own design fashion clothing line. She thought i'm joking but honestly, she came out with everything that I like.

Crazy , colorful , Fun..and most important I can feel the happiness on her design. Just like her personality Fun , colourful and daring! This time I would love to share my love toward her new Spring/Summer collection for all of you. It's all about bright colour and my favourite PINK!

Pink is all you need in Kittie Yiyi's Spring/Summer 2015. This collection look so youthful, playful and she told on her Facebook that "i think my collection is childish this time." It burst out into laughter. I love this collection and the previous collection her yellow cute bee white coat I saw during her fashion show @Pavilion. It's been awhile since the fashion week and I hope she can showcase more on her future collection.

 This is super duper cute but my favourite will be the red dress!!

 Yea this!! I LOVE THIS!!! 

 This too!!!

She even wrote this poem for her SS'15 campaign photos. 

" I sat on the table, looking at the paper.
Dreaming of the castle while drawing on the paper. 
I gave my princess some crazy pink fluffy dress with diamond crown.
I sleep on the greens looking at the colorful sky.
Clouds are all in animal shape candy floss. 
I blow the dandelion, and Princess running around the highland.
I saw butterfly talking to the orange mushroom. 
Princess asking where is the red worm heading to.
The worm said: "I'm heading to the watermelon farm."
Dream on! Don't wake me up! "

This title of this collection is "Don't wake me up!" which emphasizes on creating a woman to look sweet yet daring when it comes to their own dream dresses. This collection is inspired by childhood memories. We all have fantasy when we were young, we dreamt to be in the castle, wearing crazy huge princess gown, talking to fairies, and walking on the endless windy greenland. Leading with the idea of dreamy woman, this collection focuses on being sweet and stylish at the same time. 

Enjoy playing with fruits prints and hot colour palettes to breeze up this summer look. Hope that you love her collection too! Jiayou Kittie~ :) That's all for today. Love, xx. For those who interested you can always check out here >> 


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