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08 February 2015

Aloohaaaa my Sweeties   Enjoy your weekend? I think nothing can beat with a lovely brunch time to kickstart your day. Am I right? Yes!! It's another food post and just went back from my lunch,  really miss the food I had on yesterday. I went to Underground Societe yesterday and I guess it's time to do a review on that. Since it's located in the heart of Bandar Sunway I guess everyone must go there and give it a try. 

Loving the interior design of Underground Societe (US). It's not just a normal cafe but it's full of woody decor and I can feel the cosiness! Feel so warm and the most attractive part of the cafe was its opening hours. It open from 11am until 2AM!!! Until midnight??!! plus, they serve alcohol after 6pm. OMG *I'm not kidding*

A very nice spot to take photo!

At first I can't get it but now I know!! Actually US is the short form of Underground Societe! Why I so stupid -.- Normally I would order something that I like but this time I asked for the recommendation. Guess I should try something new from now on.

  Their menu was placed under the table 
↑ Food menu and drink menu
 What should I order??

After some consideration I decided to try out their best selling coffee. It's Underground Black & White Coffee.
I'm not a coffee lover but smelly told me that black & white coffee is really bitter. I don't believe because I never try it before so I just try ...once in my life... OMG It was really bitter at first but after few seconds, it turns slightly sour. Lol The white coffee was bitter too. For those who love expresso coffee you can try this out. The sparkling water help you to clean your taste :) 
End up I exchange my Black & White with smelly's order. He ordered Underground Latte. It's might nicer than I thought. Not too sweet and not too bitter!! I love their latte!! Actually I want to wait for my friend first before I order but I just can't wait :'( I'm so hungry so end up we order first before everyone reach.

Next, our late brunch!
 Grilles Atlantic Salmon with german spaetzel , asparagus, thyme-boiled quail egg & hollandaise RM26
 Salmon salmon everyday!!! In love with the freshness of the salmon (not too dry but quite juicy & tasty too) and the german spaetzel was quite new for me. 
 Grilled Slipper Lobster Benedict with roasted pumpkin, poached eggs & hollandaise on muffin RM28
 Sorry I'm hungry again! Not the usual Benedict BUT with lobster!! It's a bonus for me i think! Smelly love the lobster and it's so fresh!!! Best combination ever!  I hope every morning i can have all of these to kickstart my day :p So greedy hor~

  Not sure whether I should eat it or wait for awhile
  Okay la! I don't care I eat first because it looks so tempting!

 Pretty Tziaaa and Adele's order! They reached just in time after my first bite on the yummy grilled salmon x) AHAHAAHAHHA

  Mochatella RM14.90. 

It's one of their best seller that feature it's coffee ice cubes and Nutella with a cute jar of cold milk. 

Quite full after finished our food but luckily I still manage to order their dessert. They told me it's a MUST !! Feel free to click on their hashtag on instagram and you can see everyone was there to post about this cute dessert. At first I have no idea what is this and Adele told me it's an ice cream!! OMG ?? REALLY??

ice cream??!! hmmmm
 Underground Grenade RM26

I'm quite curious about this because it took minimum of 30 mins?!!!! So make sure you place your order first so that you no need to wait too long. Oh yea, it contain a little bit of alcohol and believe it a not the combination or mint ice cream with the cream taste so yummy. For mint lover, I guess this should be one on your waiting list too~~

They actually burn the outer cream with fire and wait for few seconds YOU CAN EAT IT! You must try this yoooo!! You haven't been to Underground unless you try this out! lol

For a dessert, this consider quite pricy but worth to try because I never see this in other cafe!!

 Can't finish this alone!! This portion is enough for ...up to 4 person!!
An extra surprise for me because the top part of it came with an extra chocolate-chip ice cream.

Fairytales & Nutella Chocolate Cake (Selections available on shelf) RM12

Except those we ordered they serve soup , pasta and pizza too! In addition, they offer business lunches from Mon-Fri that comes with a complimentary cup of coffee / a glass of wine!! There are also some special promotions from 6pm-9pm daily where everyone can enjoy the AFTER SIX menu which offers a refined selection of dishes.

Do you know that Underground Societe is owned by the same owner of Coffee Societe in Publika  & Garage 51 @ Bandar Sunway too. Thumbs up for the environment and the service provided by them.
 Topshop Top | High waist Jeans | Zara heels

Forgot to take some group photo on my camera so here's some of the photo credit to Tziaa , Chenelle and Bobo. Finally able to meet my long lost blogger friends~ 

L-R: Adele , Me , Bobo , Chenelle and Tziaaa 

Once again, thanks for the lovely environment and food. I hope i'm a food blogger so that I can always eat til drop! The best moment of my life = EAT EAT EAT!!! Thanks US for the nice service and love the food that they recommended me. 
Underground Societe

Operating Hours:
 Daily 11am - 2am

No.68, Jalan PJS 11/17, Bandar Sunway , Petaling Jaya.

FB/ Instagram:

So now, just chill til the next food review ok? That's all for today. Love, xx.


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