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07 February 2015

Hello my little Sweeties  It's all about beauty stuff in this post! Arghh such a long time I didn't do a nice tried & tested post. Have you heard about the NEW** Shu Uemura Spring 2015 Lip product, Laque Supreme??We all were waiting for that since last year and FINALLY!!! It's now available at all Shu Uemura beauty shop & counter. Thanks Shu Uemura for sending me this as a surprise gift this morning. I just unpack it and did a tried and tested review since I'm going out with their lips colour!

Everyone know that I can't look good in deep red or red lipstick lip shape. I just think my upper lip is too thick and my rabbit teeth make my lip look more thick and once I applied those red colour lipstick I look so weird :O I don't know why! lol Wait me ok!! I'm going to brace my teeth soon ;) So I got the pink PK01and a orange shaped lipstick OR01.

What actually surprise me wasn't just about the colour of the lipstick but it's all about the 
#1 Innovative applicator

The applicator is so unique!! It's an ergonomic shape that actually fits the curve of your lips forthin and even application and provides precise contouring. This was amazing and let me show you the application of this! My upper and lower lip was somehow thick in the middle and thin on each side of my lips. I always need to use extra Q tube or cotton pad to clear the extra and excess lip colour but this one!! NO NEED!!

#2 Easy to apply / Save time

Never know that someone can think about the applicator. It's really helpful for me. Personally it save up my time and make it so easy to apply on my lip! Best creation ever! Just can't believe with just a unique shape on the applicator , it done a good job on my lip! Within few seconds I can have a CHU CHU LIP! AHAHAHAHA

#3 Shine and Intense color

It's so shine! In this new laque supreme, it combines highly intense color and brilliant shine to create a statement lip. As you can see on the photo my lip become so juicy. Just that I prefer matte than shine lipstick but this one should me a good opportunity for me to try since I never use laque before :)  Compare with normal shine colour lipstick this one seems to be better and colour more attractive than using a normal one.

#4 Smooth
Since it's easy to apply and shine til the end, the smoothness of the product should be a good pros too. Smooth from the first application until the end. Thumbs up for the smoothness and bye bye cracky lip laque. 

#5 Feel the scent 
I can actually feel the scent on my lip once I applied it. After few second it the scent will be disappear.

It's the exciting part! Now I'm here to snap some before & after photo on both PK01 & OR01 

-PK01- (Pink)
 After PK01 
So shine right??!!

Next, I try to apply some nude lipstick and make an ombre lip colour.
 Okay! I think I'm going to hug this PK01 to sleep now!!!
I love the outcome of this ombre lip. Just a little lip concealer // nude lipstick will do :)

-OR01- (Orange)
  After OR01 ↑ 


Don't worry there are 15 choices for you and within that, there are 2 special red shaped! I think most of you will love it!! 

I think I'm giving this an 4 stars out of 5 and remaining one star should be it's slightly 'too shine' for me since personally I'm rarely wear shine lip colour but for those who have thinner lips and hope to make your lips thicker..THIS SHOULD BE YOUR CUO OF TEA!! The colour really brilliant and shine!! I'm satisfied and just some cons that you might need to re-apply it after a couple of hours. But I guess it shouldn't be a problem for those who love this! 

That's all for my review post! Hope you like it ;) For more info, you can click on http://shuuemuramy.com/whats-new/laque-supreme/ and BYEEE~ Love, xx. 


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