[OOTD #3] B/W Outfit with MUZIK Eyewear FUNKY SOUL Track 2 | Respec.co

02 February 2015

Good Afternoon everyone! So hot out there and now what we need will be a fashionable and stylist EYEWEAR. Oh yea, finally I chopped my hair and now I got tons of chance to wear those eyewear that I kept for quite awhile. I mean like when I still stick with my long hair it was't that 'stylist' even if I put on the same eyewear. lol

#Girl'sProblem! Went to the first eyewear event few months ago and look what I picked for myself? A leopard MUZIK Eyewear, FUNKY SOUL Track 2. Remember the pink eyewear that I posted last time? It's another eyewear designed by SNSD Jessica. This time Respec.co brought them in and they wanted to create an eyewear house that empowers its customer through turning heads with high quality artistic eyewear.

It's an eyewear brand itself that create premium handcrafted eyewear from France with a korean design aesthetic. I think I told some of you before that most of the eyewear brand not suit me because our asian features was quite diff :'( Most of their eyewear was too big for me and even covered my eyebrows so I look really weird sometime. Quite sad about it but this Korean Eyewear was specially design to compliment the Asian Features compared to other eyewear brands available.

I think I'm really in love with this eyewear and the one designed by Jessica! Is time for me to get the pink one!! Not sure it's still available anot because I can't search it on their website :'( This time I go for a basic casual outfit which is just a white top with a high waist shorts.

 No heel this time but this lovely black and white sandal that I bought last year. It's very comfortable and I can walk all day long without suffer on my feet! HAHAAH Thanks god if not I don't think I can do my CNY shopping on that day. lol

 | Shoploooh top & Shorts | Hot Pink Michael Kors BagDaniel Wellington, Grace London Watch | H&M Rings | Respec.co FUNKY SOUL Track 2 |

MUZIK EYEWEAR | BLANC & ECLARE , Respec.co was one of my friend's shop. It would be glad if you can show your support or if you interested on their eyewear, feel free to visit their store @ 1st Floor, The Gardens Mall, KL MALAYSIA  OR Line ID : RESPEC.CO , http://respec.co . Can't wait for their new update and I heard that it's way nicer than this!!! 

I'm waiting!! JUST CAN'T WAIT FOR IT~


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