[OOTD #5] Red Top x Ripped High Waist Jeans

16 February 2015

Hello Sweeties  It's almost there!! Chinese New Year~ So today's OOTD is one of my CNY inspired OOTD :p I bought this top last year at Time Square 3rd floor and it's just like RM28? I think it's below RM30. Normally first day of CNY I won't wear too short or maybe I just wear my cheong sam because I need to meet my relatives. If you wear too short they will be there and look at you like you're doing something wrong.

My mother's side grandparent not allow me to wear Black on the first day of CNY but I don't care la!! I don't wanna wear a full red dress which might end up be the same with all my cousins and relatives. So for 'safety' purpose, + I love to make myself look taller so I will end up matching any top with my high waist bottom. If you know me well you will notice that I always tend to wear cropped or shorter top with a high waist shorts or long pant. Am I right?

Because of that some of you thought that I'm really tall but in real, I'm not that tall! HAAHAHHAA I'm just 160cm. Maybe I should do one post about how to look taller? Will you interested on that kind of post? hmmmmm... 
Vivi Girl Boutique Top (from time square) | Ripped Jeans | Zara Heel | Longchamp Hot Pink Bag
It's pretty much the same and usually if it's just a normal outing I won't wear one piece dress or skirt. I will always stick with pant and you know most of the OOTD look good on all of us but sometime just not that suitable to wear it out for a normal outing. So I really don't have fashion sense but I love to dress up myself confidently with outfit that normally look good on me. For example I have a thin and small shoulder so I will not wear any singlet (except match it with an outer) or my leg is slimmer so I'm quite confident with long jeans or short.

To make a better ootd look you need to find out what look good on you first before purchasing anything. I'm quite envy those girl who can wear V neck top and they are so sexy!! But I just can't! HAHAHAAH But it's okay! You know yourself better than everyone right? So just love your body since you can't change it. lol  *tears*

Please congrats me for getting the heel! It's so nice and I think look good on everyone too. I bought it from Zara, Mid Valley and i think original price is around RM300-389 I forgot but I got it at DISCOUNT PRICE with last 2 pairs of my size!!! GRAB IT!!! AHAHAHAHAH After discount is like RM150 I think!! Totally half price of the original price. I so happy!!! lol

Then the ripped jeans I got it from a insta called huiicloset. I love it but i guess most of their pre order item is from taobao so you really need to double check the quality. This bottom wasn't that bad but it got a bad smell when I received it. Need to wash it again and again -.- lol But it's so cheap! So I don't mind then~ lol

So nice right? argh!!!

That's all my OOTD sharing post! Not really good in writing OOTD post but if you would like to know where I got most of my ootd item you can always read and check my ootd post on my blog ;) I should get a dslr camera so then my photo can look better right? Wait after I back from my trip only think about it :X If not I might be broke before going to Japan! lol

That's all for today. Love, xx.


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