Video Tutorial: How to style with Infinity top / dress & OOTD from Room8008

13 April 2014

Hey Yooo Sweeties  I know I shouldn't be here today because tml I have another morning paper but since I promised some of you to update for the video tutorial about the infinity top so I added on together with some OOTD purchased from Room8008. I purchased the shoulder off top with lots of love because you know what I love pastel color and the most amazing part was Room8008 came out with so many diff range of color from pastel to hot pink. How dare you and this is why I'm broke. So broke!


Sorry I'm abit over react but you should be the same too. Don't worry this is not an ads but before I added with the video tutorial I just wanna show you what things I get from their shop too. Their shop is located 7th floor (no.52) of Time Square. When you go to the shop remember help  me to say Hi to the shop Owner. She's Kiki and I rarely went there since it's really far from my house but once I go there confirm I'm officially broke. Last week I control myself only purchase 2 item from them but ...arghhh.. too temper since I really love all pastel range of those OOTD. So before I show you the video tutorial let me show you what I purchased too.

#1 Tiffany Blue / Pastel Blue HL Off Shoulder Top
I tell you it's damn Pretty right? I never lie you before photo do the talking!! I want all the color omg omg omg because the top wont 'run light' and it's suitable for petite size girl like me! Then they came out with pastel pink, hot pink, peach pink , black , pastel purple , yellow , white , chili red and wine red color too! OMG PLEASE GET ALL FOR ME PLS!!! The quality is damn good and most important it really cover my body well with a nice shape :P HAHAHAHA Then it actually can style with diff kind of skirt or even a short.  LET ME SHOW YOU~
 You know I always hope to be a fairy tales with pastel color on my body
 So this is suitable as a bridesmaid outfit too!!
But actually you can always style with a normal short or a tight skirt to achieve a chic look
See it's super easy to mix and match since the color is really nice
I match with a pastel yellow skirt so it wont look too dreamy and suitable for daily outfit 
Dating with your partner like this I'm sure he will fall in love with all those color too
Even my smelly wont say me too 'over' 
It's really suit for everything!! Guess I should match this with a bodycon black skirt so I look more sexy and elegant :)

#2 Ombre Pink HL Top
 Say say say you love me~ Please tell me that I look pretty with all these color! Life will  be too bored if you always wear black and white. Since I'm feel quite boring so I always wanna cheer up myself with lot of nice color. Of course I cant run away from pastel color! HAHAHAHAHA Please save me save me save me! This ombre top's quality exactly same as the Tiffany shoulder off one but just this is like a normal top with the combination of 3 color. Ombre not bad too hor and this can either wear like a casual top or you can match it with a tutu skirt! Muahahahhah 
 See I can simply match with a shorts
 Even to create a more lovely OOTD
I added up with a lace cardigan look more on japanese kind of feel~
If you have a super good body I'm sure your upper body part will look amazing with this top
But I'm so flat so I just can create a kawaii cute style HAHAHAHA
But I really love how it look.

Okay la. I should stop spam with my selfies photo here but just wanna show you how much I'm loving it. Some of you recognize me with the pastel color of the top! I think whole area only I'm the way over react with colorful stuff. JUST LOVE IT AAA! Wanna spread the love to all of you~~~  Then at the same time I shopping with Room8008 they sponsored me the infinity top in black color. I picked black because you know soon I will become an office lady and I think infinity top really help me so much! and previously I blog about the infinity dress but time to show you something new about infinity top because it can wear as a TOP and also a DRESS

 HOW?? Click on the youtube video now~~ WHY everyone should own a infinity dress/ top?

-no need purchase so many dress / top because one infinity top can create more than 200+++++ style

2) Lots of color
-Lots of color available what you need to do is cry on those color and confusing yourself to pick the best color that represent yourself

3) Save time
-How? Imaging you wanna work at morning then at night you wanna party with your girl . Then with a infinity top you can simply play with diff style to create a suitable look for your night party dresscode

4) Creative 
-Show your creativity by changing the style and figure out new style once it came in your mind

-Still have lots of reason lah. No need to say but most important is IT CAN TRANSFORM ANYTHING YOU LIKE!!MAGIC MAGIC YOOOO

Ok la! I think I should stop here and stop crapping here. I haven revision for tomorrow's paper so I think I'm gonna do last mins work again. But blame the water supply make me totally no mood study and I feel i'm super smelly  T.T Become like my smelly now! Yerrrr!! Enjoy watching the video and hope you like it. I created 19 look with a infinity top and few style wear as a top / few added with a skirt and last wear as a dress!! The infinity top available in Black , Fuchsia Pink and Peach ya :) Only Rm49 FOR THE INFINITY TOP OH!!! They selling Infinity dress too! RM59 if not mistake! go pm and ask the owner! dont worry~~~ she wont eat you gah~

Promise will bring you more video tutorial to all of you too~ Love ya Remember to share the video to your friend yoooo

All the item mentioned can be grab at ROOM8008 or if you worry it sold out 
(normally their item sold out REALLY FAST)
You can now!!! Watsapp to  012-5032808  OR Facebook pm (click here) Faster watsapp lah!

Thanks for watching!! Hope you like it & Love xx. Wish me luck :)


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