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25 April 2014

Hello My little sweethearts  I know right~ some of you already ask me to review this product since long long long time ago!!! Nowadays we really love to try out different kind of lips color and we really hope that the color stay long and lasting on our lips. But do you take care your lips nicely? How you take care of it? Honestly, at first I don't think it was a necessary for me to take care my lips and I always just remove my lips color and my make up. Until recently I found that my lips starting to crack and the outer corner of my lips start to appear darker color than my usual one!! I start to feel that and you know we always apply red lipstick and all the color will actually cause our lips to become darker & darker than your previous one. 

Then I start to search for some product that would help.  I want something that is easy to use , remove my dead skip cell on my lips , hydrating and also that can slowly lighten my lips color. I know we usually never take care of it but now I start to have my own lip care routine once every 2 weeks. It is a MUST for those who always apply lip color and also for those who wish to achieve a pinky and  ♥ KISSABLE LIPS 
 I'm happy that finally I found something easy and useful!It's totally what I want for taking care my lips!!! I swear you will love this like I do !! This product known as Brilliant Loveheart lip care 3 steps system. It's very easy to apply and wont take too much of your time. For those who really love korean product this would be a good decision for you to try it out! I know some of you already know this and I MUST LET YOU KNOW THAT ....This works like magic!!!!
 What you need to do is just apply this 3 product on your lips. From step 1 to step 3.  3 easy steps ! This lip care system included a lip mask  ,a lip gel patch / mask  and a lip essence .


To prove that I captured a before photo of my lips. See the outer lips start to have darker color than the remaining area and my lips was super dry recently. Start to crack too!!! OMG Maybe photo not obvious but this one consider quite okay than my previous cracked lips! LOL

Say NO to cracked lips

It's really hard for our lips not to crack since we always apply make up on but do you know that if you have a dry and cracked lips , it's really hard for you to apply lipstick and your face look ill , older too :'( I interview today so I must apply this before I go for my interview! One thing I always like to do is always tearing off the cracked lip fragments and this could actually cause a SCAR on your lips!!!! wtf? Are you serious? I swear i wont do that again... I would rather find a better product to cure my dry and cracked lips now!! So i really thanks to the seller because finally I'm able to get this product for myself!!! IT SAVE my life now T.T 
Here's some of the example >< so scary hmmm My one usually will be the bottom-left one or the middle-right one!
But don't worry k! I'm going to share with you my current lip care now!!! Please let me kiss on your face since I had my kissable lips now!! HAHAAHAHAH Okay, I mentioned just now it's just a few easy steps right? First....

Step (1)

 After your normal wash face step you can just grab your lip mask and apply it equally on your lips. This is a very important step ya remember to apply a enough amount so that the exfoliation process can be done as good as it can. 
 After apply it, remember to rub it for 1-2 mins.Then, use a wet cotton pad to wipe it off.

This product is basically helps in exfoliation process , as an enriched mineral moisturizer and anti-oxidation ( remove all your dead skin cell) for your lips.

Step (2)

 The second step will be the best step ever? HAHAHAHAH I told you right you will gonna love this. It's a love shape lip mask for your lips. What you need to do is just apply it on your lip and wait for 15-20 mins.
 Tear and open it then get the gel patch out. 
Wait and apply it for 15-20 mins . This can helps you to recover from a rough skin to be soft and smooth lips! This lip patch also supply nutrient for your skin!!
 Sorry for this crazy pose but this lip patch smells really GOOD ! It smells like berries! It contain peach and blueberry as its ingredient!! No wonder it smells like fruits and berries!!!
 Let me take a selfies! HAAHAHAHAHAH
Tadaaa!! This is my lips after the 2nd step! Look so shinny now and the cracked lip fragments DISAPPEAR!

Step (3)

 Last step for all the sweeties out here  I know right after you smells the berries you will feel like OMG OMG OMG I VERY LOVE THIS! Then you still need to tear it off to apply this lip essence for your lips.
 As usual, apply the right amount on your lips. Then wait for 3-4 mins your lips color will slowly change to a peach pink color. Very pinky lips! Of course you can have your kissable lips now!!! HAHAHAHA
 SEEEEE!! I never see my lips so moisture and pinkish before!!! I love this so much and no need apply any lip gloss after that. You can just go out with this lips color! I know you wanna kiss me now!
Spot the lip patch! HSHAHAHAAHAH This lip essence helps to smoothing , soothing our lips and dalming lips from damaged skin layers. After I apply it my lips really slowly change into a more pinkish color (it's all because its brilliant technology)

 Say bye bye to dry and cracked lips! Huuurayyyy
I'm really confident with this product!! As you can see the result and outcome after I applied all the 3 steps!! KISSABLE LIPS Achieved!!! They also won the 2013 BBA Bnt brand awards!

  Super and strongly recommend to all of you

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