♥ Dinner @ Sky Park, One City (3Y7M Celebration)

18 April 2014

Hello My Little Sweeties Guess where am I today?  Yea, I just had my dinner @ Sky Park, One City. Guess this will be a place that you guys should be familiar with. So it's my first time to be there but I was quite shock that it seems very normal for me to walk on the transparent floor BUT!!! Once the sky turns black. I'm sure you should be afraid of that transparent floor!! It's damn scary k~ I thought the whole 10th floor was full of transparent floor but it actually just on the middle only. Many people pass through then selfies at there. Unfortunately , I'm afraid of it especially I'm still wearing a black heels just now. I walk through it just don't dare to look down from the building. HAHAHAHAAH I thought it was a fine dining place but it actually got lots of diff restaurant leh. 
Thanks Smelly for everything. So long never dating with him and don't know why suddenly he pop out then date me after I back from my class. So as you can see my hair was super messy + no water supply for today. Super tired for that , my face seems super oily. You know today is our 3Y7M celebration. Previous years we really didn't celebrate much on that. Normally we just say HAPPY Anniversary to each other on the phone then like really really normal unless it's annual one. Then he pop out want to bring me out for a simple dinner. Quite long time never dating with each other normally we went out together with friends because you know I just love hang out with lots of friends than slowly ignored him for quite a long time. HAHAAHAHAH Sowiieee :X 
You see I'm really afraid that HAHAHAHAHA I just pose for fun then standing at the side corner there. Really so high leh! Feel like I'm going to drop down from there. Lol
Can you feel my love today? See I rarely dress like this one! So ladies right but I can't talk. Once I talk the image spoiled by my expression. Lol Love the back design of this dress and I just wanna wear it for today's special day! Argh Some of you already pm and ask me where I get it so I'm here to tell you don't worry babe!  I'm going to list down it k! See the detail part~ So nice right?

# Drawn to my back Lace Dress from Hollyhoque.com (click here)
-Loving this dress so much because its sexy back! They selling black , wine red , white and blue color too. Personally I'm loving the wine red and black color but I had too much of wine red dress so I picked this color. Very perfect for night out!!!

# Mini-Messenger Bag from Zara (click here)
-Just loving it. Bought this at Lot10 Zara with dear Kim. She bought the white one I bought the black one because black always easy to match. Super mini size and it's my first mini bag I got! Can fit my Iphone and a small wallet size. Now I really super lazy to bring huge bag out for a date or hang out with my gfs since it's really heavy! So a mini messenger bag always a great choice for us! Teheee

#SIDEWALK Black Colour Sandal Heels from Zalora.my
- I think most of you notice that I really love this heels so much. I remember I got it from their website when they're having such a promotion for RM65 or RM69 I forgot. I just love their heels from the brand SIDEWALK. They got lots of diff sandal heels with a super cheap price. Go check out this brand!!

# Bohemia Diamonds Turquoise Tassel Necklace from Happy2u.cc (click here)
- As usual , reasonable price! I always got my wedges and sneaker from happy2u.cc. Super nice and within 2 working day it reach my doorstep! All ready stock too :)

 So yea! Please say I look chio tonight k! I used 30 mins to dress up myself so this is the max I can do with my hair too. Damn it because we afraid of traffic jam at this hour too. Since he let me pick anything I want to eat so I pick this awesome place to have our dinner! AHAHAHAH INAHO Sushi
 Since we were so free while waiting for our food to come..We start to selfie..God! I wanna show you guys our 'macam-yes' pose! HAHAHA Beautiful sky and everything was so nice to me. 
 Please eat more. He stand beside me really look super skinny. I always wonder why boy's leg look so slim and skinny one. wtf?! 
 Their sushi so so only but the fresh salmon sushi was good for me. The salmon super thick just it wasn't came in a set (normally one set 2 pieces) but a piece only. 
 Soft Shell Crab
Nothing special about this soft shell crab. But the one I strongly recommend for all of you will be their.....

 Very yummy and it suitable to eat with a bowl of white rice. I'm a typical chinese! HAHAHAAHAHA This was Smelly one. I ordered Salmon Teriyaki which wasn't bad just that it seems like normal if compare with the gindara teriyaki.
 Salmon Teriyaki

 Other restaurant like Korean Food and some was like a bar for you to drink one. I wish there will be much more choice than just 6 diff one in the whole floor. But wasn't bad la! The environment not bad especially the side corner table. Just that behind us was full of highways. Lol
 After our dinner we realize the sky turns super dark and suddenly the floor look scary. I don't even dare to walk through that so end up I just see straight and walk super fast.
 Even the photo turns super blur! HAAHAHAH Shaking hand! Lol But still I force Smelly to snap this photo for me. I also force myself to look down for just maybe 10 second? Then I don't even dare to stand up again -.- Shaking hand and shaking leg!!! Heard some uncle say it wasn't scary and they even jump on it -.- wtf?! Uncle I very scared aaa T.T
 Yea!! Finally I'm able to take a photo from this awesome view!! HAHAHAHAAH
 So yea, I got nothing to say anymore since my dinner really so simple but ..still wanna to say HAPPY 3 YEARS 7 MONTH Anniversary Smelly♥ Love you 
Silly face xD That's all for today. I should continue edit for my intern part 2 post ya!!! Seeeeee you soooon!!


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