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02 April 2014

Huuurayy!! I feel like an old women enter to IACT College education fair few days ago. It was a great education fair so far because of the environment. Muhaahahh Guess most of you already know that this wasn't my first time went to IACT College. I remember my first time was joining their creative writing workshop (click here) The library was the only thing that impressed me! I remember I took lots of photo inside their beautiful library. I can't believe that one year after that their library still so new and clean. One thing I love about their college was the study environment and also facilities. Believe or not I really really hope my University have something like that. LOL But it's okay because I'm graduating soon since this is my last short sems! MUHAAHAHAHA But the most happiest and hardest moment in my life was during my 4 years study life. It's a real and hard step for most of the student to pick their favorite course but being a old student like me I experienced it.

That's why education fair is important for you. Except for that if you really want to get into any university or college I strongly recommended that you can have a real experience ..step into that area and try to see the study environment. This time , IACT College held its very first Education Fair at its city campus in Jaya One, Petaling Jaya. As promised, the fair was both informative and fun for parents and Guests went on student-guided tours that included course simulations and trial classes within the College’s latest facilities. Those who were initially unsure about where their interests lay came back certain on which course to pursue. Intensive consultation by experienced and professional lecturers also helped students in choosing the right study pathway. 

So..Let's Get Started!
I went there before so I'm familiar with their college. Here's the student registration counter !! So before I enter their hall I already heard someone giving their speech there and guess what I saw?!!! Lots of secondary students were there too! HAHAAHHAAH OMG Can't believe I'm getting older now. lol
Joining the festivity of the event were 33 students from SMK Tropicana. The school’s counsellor, Ms. Catherine Thomas, expressed her excitement and gratitude to IACT College.I really think that this fair was a great opportunity for those students to gain awareness on high income jobs available in the creative world. Sometime creative just make the diff. Like throughout my study life lecturer already told us to be creative in our life..It's all about NEW IDEAS!! Moreover, with over 80 partnered universities overseas, IACT students have the fastest option to earn an honors degree in just 3.5 years after SPM.
Other than that, the live testimony of those opportunity was featured through two Diploma in Advertising alumni, Abiseshana Mohan (Copywriter at Saatchi & Saatchi) and Wong Jia Li (Creative Copywriter at Leo Burnett). Both shared valuable insights and learnings from their time at IACT College, and abroad at the University of Hertfordshire and University of Sunderland, UK, respectively. Alongside Abiseshana and Jia Li, guests were also inspired by Danial Kulian and Robin Gan, current students of IACT, who shared their on-the-job experiences as interns at 8TV and Eye Believe (a creative content production company). 
 Don't worry if you're hungry! HAAHAH Light refreshment available at the corner of the hall.
 Apart from the student sharing session, information on further studies options, job placements and internships opportunities were easily accessible at the various booths found at the Fair. 
Saw lots of parent accompany their children too. They told us that IACT acknowledging the rise in education expenses..So this is why they taking steps to provide various financial aids for parents in funding their child’s college education. This year they are offering RM2 million worth of scholarships to their students!! WOWOOOO So many I really hope student can appreciate their study life at this college because everything was so nice for me.
In addition,the fair also featured CIMB Bank Principal Asset Management Relationship Manager, Mr. Sia Kee Choon, who shared during the Parent Financial Aid Talk the latest services available to parents. IACT College also offers PTPTN loans and other scholarship options

So now it's time to have a look in their campus. HAHAHAHA I think I really can die for their facilities!! WHY? Let me show you~
 After that they have additional workshop for all the bloggers too. Really happy to see the familiar face at that day again! I love all the student there... I didn't feel awkward at all! HAAHAH Normally enter into a new place was a awkward moment for me because I don't know anybody there but some of the IACT student actually came to talk with me and smelly. Talk with me told me that what's going on that day and some detail of it. Super fun during their education fair!! A good experience & opportunity too :) 

IACT College is the Creative Communication Specialist in Malaysia. For those who love involve in programmes like Media and the Creative Arts you can have a look at the course offer by them. Pioneering Project-Based Learning (PBL) in its classes, students are trained with real-life projects, which are provided and assessed by industry leaders. This has successfully produced many job-ready and award-winning graduates who are now leaders in their industries. 

That's all for today. Love xx.

For more information on IACT College, please log on to www.iact.edu.my.


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