Korea Trip #4 : Have fun with me @ E-World & Daegu 83 Tower

24 April 2014

Annyeong my Sweeties  Argh~ Almost forgot to publish and update about my Korea Trip! Sorry for the long waiting time. So today I'm going to continue from the previous Korea Trip #3  post! Remember the lovely Herb Hillz I went during my Day 3 trip? I remember that was a great and sunny day. Our mood turns super great after that.Then, David brought us to the next destination - E Worldlocated at Daegu. Apart from that I'm really happy that we able to visit the super tall 83 tower too. Lots of fun activities that you can enjoy with your travel partners , friends or family. It's a theme park ! Then we just walk around until we figure out a newly open 83 tower which we can enjoy a super good view on that super tall building. Besides that we entered the trick eye museum!! Something that we all love! HAHAHAHA


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E-World 이월드♥ also known as Woobang Land 우방랜드and a new Daegu 83 Tower available at there too. We don't know there is a 83 Tower since David never tell us before that. He just told us that we might be so tired and exhausted after that. You know what since it's a theme park so 6 of us actually separate into 2 diff group. One teenagers group and another one adult group! HAHAHAHAHA Okay la actually we all consider an adult but once we reached there I was like..FINALLY I'M ABLE to play & run around! LOL 

Besides, the 83 Tower is located inside E-World, an amusement park. We spent quite a long time at there but smelly's mom and her sister spent whole day at there since they were not interested about the theme park. AHHAHAHA Just young people like us love it !! Teehee~ So let's talk about the theme park first then I will bring you together to the 83 tower ok? :)

We got our super cute E-World entry ticket too! OMG The design look super cute!!Right? I feel so cold that day since I'm the only one who match a top with a shorts. wtf?!! How come I so stupid and I still can tahan the weather myself. I'm god!!! But luckily my sweater was thick enough to keep me warm. HAHAHAHAHA 
 Everything seems so nice to me. Maybe I'm too excited and keep laugh at myself. Idk why but I really love the environment there except some restaurant can't understand and communicate with us in English. That's really OMG and I feel like to slap myself because I learned Korean Language few semester ago but I returned everything to my lecturer. Please slap me pls..because of the communication problem 3 of us used 30 mins just to order for our lunch. Day 3 schedule was quite fun because they didn't stress us. We can slowly enjoy our lunch and walk around. 
We got our map from the E-World counter then start our adventures. Forgot to mention that this E-World was super BIG!!!It features a waterfall, fountains, lighting displays, and flowers, as well as rides, exhibition and performance halls, and restaurants. E-World has several plazas characterized by different themes; major plazas include Entry Plaza (at the park entrance), Central Plaza, Children’s Plaza (playground), and Young Town Plaza. There are lots of flowers too. Love the decoration and also the colorful theme park!! Let's have fun with meeeeee~
 Spot the 83 Tower behind there
 How can I say NO to this super nice background! HAHAHAHAAH Used this as my #ootd photo on my instagram :P
 Cold until can't smile nicely
 180 Pirate Ship
 To be honest, I'm afraid of pirate ship from now. You know what when I was young I used to play the pirate ship at genting but it was a long long long time ago. When we were travel to Korea we was like 'Aiya..This one not scary one! I'm sure we can enjoy it!' The second before it started I'm quite happy but once it start to swing like OMG! My leg shaking and I keep shout like hell! Smelly's mom and relatives laugh and look at me. TwT I remember I used to play with it one but don't know why I'm afraid of the height now. My leg shaking and I still can't believe that I can't control my leg!! Arghh~

After that smelly and his cousin laugh at me too. 3 of us start to give up on the roller coaster since the roller coaster available at E-World seems really really scary. Idk why lah but I suggest to play the bumper cars although we need to wait for 30 mins ++. Guess we are too old to ride on the roller coaster. Besides, we were really enjoy the environment there. Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt! Inside the theme park we spot lots of selfie area. You can simply sit and take photo without waiting for anyone there. Lots of area and place for you to shoot!!! Not just bumper cars we still manage to take part in diff kind of activities just we try our best to ignore the scary roller coaster. 
 I'm cute LOL
About 2pm we traveled up to the 83 Tower by Skyway cable car which travel across the amusement park and we can see a beautiful bird's eye view of E-World.   
 Told you right the roller coaster seems really scary!!! There are lots of activities but we didn't play too much on the theme park because we wanna to get into the eye trick museum!! We follow the map and always remember to get one if not you might be gone to somewhere else since it's really big. We used tick and cancel symbol to represent and mark on the map so that we can easily recognize and know where's the exactly location of the 83 tower.  
 Waited for 30 mins just for the cable car then I was like FINALLY!! WOOOHOOOO Really love the view!

83 Tower

Video time :3
Daegu 83 Tower
Another beautiful view!!

 We doesn't feel hungry at all. So we planned to have our lunch after we visit the trick eye museum.  Inside this Daegu 83 Tower you can have fun in the ice rink @ the second floor , art exhibition , Korea , Chinese , Japanese or Western cuisine (inside the tower but quite expensive) , the trick eye museum and last but not least the Daegu's beautiful scenery at the observatory on the 77th floor.

   Trick Eye Museum

So fun right? :P
 So basically this Trick Eye Museum is an art gallery with paintings created using some techniques that gave each 2D art piece the illusion of being in 3D. It means that you can take as many photo / selfies as you like too! HAHAHAHAHAH we spent one hour there! Well spent but at the same time feel a little bit dizzy due to the various type of paintings on the wall. Super fun but always remember to charge your camera. My camera battery dead half way! So some of the photo I captured by my Iphone. Try my best to sharpen it!! LOL It's a great place for fun and photo taking!

Nothing much I can say from the trick eye museum so just let's photo do the talking!
Hey..I'm not afraid!
Save me pls!! I'm afraid!!
 Dropping Love
 I signed the contract then sell off smelly to the  monkey! HAHAHAHA wtf
 Angels please help me to kill him now!!!
 I can fly!
OMG my pants!!
 save me plsss...
 Okay Okay. I'm going down now!!
Dont want your flower!!
 This one was super cool!!!
See my pale face? That time I really feel so dizzy @@
Too much paintings around me

Food Heaven at 83 Tower

After that we finally feel hungry and decided to have our dinner at the food court. Too many choices to choose for!! The price was super pricy too if compare to our country but one person need RM50-RM60 for one bowl of rice with a drink. It's normal at there I feel that shopping at Korea isn't expensive but I guess food was really expensive. 
Sorry my eyes look really small when I didn't put enough make up on :'(
Food not bad and we were too hungry until forgot to take photo -.- But whatever it is the most challenging part came when we line up ordering for our food. They can't understand what I mean and I can't communicate with them with just some simple English. End up we like standing in front of the counter keep pointing and showing my stupid body language. Unfortunately, the person still can't understand so end up someone (a student working at there as part time I guess) came out and talk to us in some simple language too.

I pointed the first one on the menu (we ordered noodle) but there are few choices on the menu. We can't read understand the korean word so we keep pointing the poster beside their area. Then finally someone came out to save us. The student can understand what I said and I really feel like kissing her! HAHAHA So pretty ! Then when we order for a drink they just ask us like ' Coke? Ice?' then I shake my head and pointing another drink ! Smelly was sick on the 3rd day of the trip and he feel super 'pek-cek' when nobody can communicate with us and he feel hard too keep complain about it. Thanks god finally someone came out to talk with us.  

Daegu Dongseongno

It's almost 5pm! We went back somewhere near our hotel and enjoy our shopping time @ Daegu Dongseongno (东城路街) A big street beside the road and I guess it's only a heaven for me because all of them were tired  and smelly too but I'm still so excited for that! They resting at somewhere and smelly's cousin + smelly followed me to walk all along the big street. You know what we only had 2 hours to shop since we need to have our dinner too. So when I know that I just have that very limited 2 hours....Everything I bought was like out of my mind.

You know what all of the skincare shop can speak Mandarin because the people is from China I think. Except the too cool for school shop the Korean Girl talk and introduce each product with me in Korean Language and a very unique way of her body language. Guess I already get used to it I also communicate with them like that! HAHAHAHAHAHA

Everything was cheaper than Malaysia from RM5-RM15. Some brand didn't available in Malaysia like Innisfree but David told us not to buy so much since we still plan for another shopping area on the next day. But still within that 2 hours I bought a lot I can't believe that one shopping area has more than 3 etude house and skin food shop. That was crazy and all the mask FREAKING CHEAP. But i didn't buy that much I only focus on snail mask from tony moly which I bought it on the next day. I think this 2 hours cost me RM300-RM400. My money gone like that. Smelly keep asking why I bought so many lipstick crayon I was like...aiya diff mah..although I got lots of lipstick on my house -.- But you know what i REALLY didn't use so much on lipstick just Idk why i bought so many. Until now I still keep it on my room. Maybe I should use that so it wont be waste right?! hmmmm

One thing I love about Korea was all the sales girl really damn nice one! They keep on giving you free sample pack or trial pack. Even they gave me the cotton pad so I no need bring any cotton pad next time. I bought a lot product from too cool for school especially the blushes. SUPER NICE and pigmented!!! Remember to visit it and I'm sure you will be broke after that.

Dinner Time

We went to the exactly same shop as our dinner. This was the same shop we have our dinner on Day2 trip. Everything was super yummy and this was the main reason why all of us get sore throat on the next day. I'm sick after had this as my dinner...because... I didn't drink enough water loh... Arghhh next time I will always remind myself to drink as much as I can!!!
Korean Food was quite pricy. Within our whole trip I calculate each person (each meal) the price range was like RM40-RM60! But it's so delicious loh especially all the bacon and meat! OMG OMG OMG!! I MISS KOREAN FOODDDDDDD!
Dont kill me but this is really delicious!

That's all for today. Love xx.


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