My Unforgettable Internship Story, experience, Lesson learned (Part 1)

14 April 2014

Hello♥ All the students out there!! Finally I'm here again~ Really happy that I'm able to share my thought with all of you after I blog about the useful advice for students to Uni/ College here. I never been so motivated lately I think this might due to my exam. Lol the only way I can release my stress and think about others related stuff will be blogging in my blog. Today, I'm going to share about something that some of you might be experience soon. It's a basic requirement for you in order to graduate from your Uni course. It's an internship. Yeap! I did my internship on last year before I'm going to my Korea Trip and I think I always mentioned in my blog it's the nightmare for me. I just hope to share this with you so that you wont jump into the same situation like me. 

Fyi, Internship was a program that you require to take before you graduate from your degree. Your Uni will require you to have 3-4 month (depend on your Uni) working real in a job. Yea! It's like before you graduate you must experience a temporary working job in any company. What I want to share is...Attention for those who took finance course student...I hope you read this or if you're not you can always share this story remind your friends not to get into the same trouble like what my friends and I experienced. Yea! That 3 month was a nightmare for me!! I'm studying in Bachelor (Hons) Degree In Finance with Multimedia. I love about all multimedia stuff and I always wanna be into and experience a real job to apply all my knowledge I learned in my class.

Unfortunately, this internship was a unforgettable period for me. Why? Because finally I'm able to revealed and see the TRUE / REAL world.  People always asking me why I wanna graduate so fast and I just can't wait to share my thought with them. I told them ' I wanna work !! I want to have a working table and doing my task well ..Contribute in any task assigned by boss. I love to see people around me and step out from my comfort zone' But the answer I get from all my graduated friends was like ' Chanwon, you should live back into your little girl world because working isn't an easy task you need to deal with lots of thing like what I experienced last time..blablabla' Even some of my friends back to Uni study Master just dont wish to face the real world. BUT....the things is


Now I know why my friend told me that..
Now I know why my dad always working til so tired and easy to get angry..
Now I know the reality world 
Now I know what's the feeling of you can't do anything..
Now I know you guys really treat me so well...

I did part time job before as promoter , I did modeling before , I own a online shop selling clothes and beauty product.. I deal with diff kind of good customer and weird one. I thought that I deal with lots of thing and internship shouldn't be a challenge for me. Maybe I just can learn something.. After that 3 months intern, I really learn something. I means I LEARNED A LOT! But not in term of my job is learn about how the reality is..and how to be a person that never get into any trouble. This blog post will be abit too long but I really appreciate if you can read it up and for those who need to enter your intern life. Please be aware of this. Share this with your friends too because I shared lots of my junior and I even tell my friends ..They did experience the same thing but mine MORE WORST!

So my internship story start from the month before the intern..All of us as a finance student have to go and get a internship job in any company. We have to get an offer letter as an approved letter from the company then we need to submit to our university. First thing we did was prepare our own RESUME. Yea, with my own passport photo beside and have to write in a super formal way. Resume shouldn't be a problem for us because I thought I should be confident with that. My friends and a group.. 6 friends decide to search internship job from Jobstreet. (A website you can upload your resume and apply for job then wait for the news for interview)

We were so happy and just keep searching for the internship job and click APPLY, SENT....We applied for 6 company and successfully sent out resume. 5 interview approved. So, I was like WOOOHOOO All of us was super happy but interview experience wasn't really happy and guess I some of you experience this. It's very normal for all finance student nowadays. So I  posted in my facebook status and I thought I might be the bad luck one but other than me people experience it too and some of you actually become so afraid to get the same experience like me too.

So as a finance student we must be in finance area. We search all job title like :-
#1 Finance Adviser
#2 Financial Planner
#3 Wealth Planner
#4 Wealth Adviser

Maybe not to apply 100% in all the interview but 4 out of 5 interview on our financial area was all about INSURANCE. fml* We never know until we really go interview it one by one then after the first and second time we experience the same thing we DIE DIE also don't wanna let all those %$$#%$#@!$ company lie. 


    First Interview

I tell you. First interview already become so tiring. The job offer and interview located at Damansara (near Tropika City Mall there) All of us total 5 student get the interview. So we went there after our class. Normally we need to get job offer a semester before the internship start. The interview was SUPER WEIRD. It's at night 7pm start or 7.30pm I forgot. Since our class in cyberjaya we apart from there by 5pm. I still remember that all of us were like super happy and excited to know about how's the interview. So we continue talking and chatting inside the car. Then we reached there by 6.45pm. 5 of us walk up stair to the company. Unfortunately , the company address so hard to find -.- Then we keep call the admin the ppl answered our call and direct us to the office. Once we enter there we sitting with each other. Diam diam and we was shocked.

Office was so small. So small and lots of locker there. Then before we go to the interview we did some research on their official website. Fully confident to score for the interview. Then the only admin (an  old women) came and walk in front of us talking to the boss. Told us that, sorrry ya the interview is at 7pm sharp now it's only 6.50pm ( I REMEMBER THIS TO THE MAX ) Can you all go down have some drinks first? You all can't stay at the office unless it's 7pm SHARP!

My first impression was like ' WTF?! Are you serious about this?'

All of us..Our face suddenly become so green. Just 10 mins earlier then why not let us stay at the office. Plus, we afraid that we're late that's why we come earlier ma! But that old women say sorry ya boss say can't (The boss seems so scary) So we do what they want us to do. Walk down and have a drinks. So we went up again after 7pm sharp and look around trying to see and figure our the real face of the boss. Then all of us sit together write our name and fill in another form required by the boss. I feel a little bit weird over there. Then the boss never interview one by one but ask all of us sit together in a room

It's interview right? But they did it another way round. It's like a stupid presentation.Crap with lots of shits to us like we having a lecture class and the air con was super cold. I'm freezing and my friends too but I try my best to enlarge my eye as large as I can. I swear that time I really feel to BANG THE WALL. Then after 1 hours 15 mins later. I will never forget that the ladies not sure she's the boss anot ask us the reason of our life. why we need to much money . our dream...

When someone ask you like that.. I CONFIRM It's all about bullshits and trying their best to brain wash you 

But that time I'm stupid enough really take into serious consideration to answer that question. I say I wish to have a happy life have fully contribution in any company I will fulfill your needs learn what we suppose to learn...Then I need to finance myself and prove to my parent blablabla.. One by one answer her question..At the same time , a man enter the meeting room to but so diam diam sit behind us. So all of us already feel super sleepy and the women trying so hard telling us what achievement she did on her life and keep eye contact with us. Then after some question, she decided to test us on a game. The game is to show on leadership and communication skill.

we sit together in a circle

That women asked us to do so. Give each of us a 3 page paper and ask us to answer it. The question was a EQ + IQ question I think. The question is something like...You and your friend went to a place if not mistake then suddenly don't know what happen your ship stop in the middle of the sea. The question below got a list of table and item that require in order for you to survive. You need to write from no.1-no22 according the tools that most important for you or least important to you. When answer the question we didnt talk to each our it's individual question. After that you need to have discussion appoint a leader imaging yourself in the exactly same situation and discuss among all your friend about your choice and give your opinion.

5 of us.. Really so serious.. answer and discussion. This shouldn't be any problem for us because we always active in discussion! Talk only ma...I was like so easy meh this interview. Then the super scary man behind us and the women hear what we say and discuss and write down our mark. MARKING PAPER like that. It's all about how you communicate and lead your friend to choose your choice. So we discuss say why we choose this and why think it's important and lots of shits.. 40 mins after that... we were done..

This time the women stand in front of us talk about the real answer. I thought it might be interesting since the question was really so interested. Then the women told us that. We didn't give mark base on your answer but we decide which and who is better in term of communicate and lead your friends to your answer. wtf?! Okay was great too and I think all of us perform it really good just one friend of mine not really talk because he's tired. AHHAHAHAHA Then ... you know what the man behind told us??

He walk like a super 'Lanci' face with a super serious expression
(Like I owe him money)
The face super black and tell us that

This is actually not a interview. This is a step or session before your interview next week. So we pick some of you from the discussion just now to enter the first interview next week.

I almost feel to throw the pencil to his face. Now I know why my dad always told me that it's hard to see people's face color and expression and work with them. I know it right. Then the boy slowly tell us it's all about insurance. THEY BULLSHIT IN FRONT OF US SAY..

Finance advisor / planner / wealth planner it's all about help someone to plan their money. But how?! They need a plan to help them.. It's a saving plan...

saving plan= insurance plan = sell insurance = benefits them

HEY BOSS! We intern leh!! If want insurance agent just simply say it out don't waste our time! 2 hours 30 mins wasted and petrol from cyber to damansara wasted too! My brain I almost say out loud all the rude word. We stay clam but our face totally black! BLACK YOU KNOW! Imaging you experience this too. 9PM you know and don't let us back and somemore lie us for what interview need to have another interview again and ask us wait for their call.. WTF LA?!! WAIT WHAT WAIT!

The facts is..
Company always want to get stupid student to get into their plan. You know what they offer us RM400 or RM500 I forgot without counting parking fees petrol fees and lots of thing they wanna to get a WIN- WIN SITUATION. Which mean in order you can get this job you need to sell insurance and you never need to be in the office. The office just for you to put your files you need to drive but ALL OF US GOT ONLY ONE CAR -.- So the ppl also quite emo already and keep bullshits to us.. You know if you sell insurance it actually benefit them and they trying to take advantages from us.. WE ARE NOT STUPID K!

Then we are so so so sosososososososo angry and disappointed and the bad first experience of interview we get. NOT ME ONLY.. I posted it on facebook lots of my friend telling me the same thing and they told us only intern in bank will not happen this kind of thing if not all have finance intern will be insurance area. wtf right? One week after that 5 of us 4 of us got its call but all  of us REJECT IT NICELY.. 

Part 1 story ended.....


    Second Interview

So I'm worried.But still have to continue for the interview. The next few day I got the interview phone call from a company near puchong telling me to visit the company then tell me that it's just easy job then talk and meet customer. Since I had experienced the previous interview I straightly ask " sorry for interrupt you but may I know this is a insurance adviser job or? " Answer was blur but first intuition telling me that

IT'S STILL A COMPANY WITH DIFF NAME BUT SELLING OF INSURANCE PLAN. wtf wtf wtf?!!! I rejected the interview.


  3rd Interview

My friend very kind. She saw my status and interview me with a super popular food brand company but work as a finance area. I did a phone interview but unfortunately the respond was super late. They only can give me the confirmation letter after my due date of the submission for offer letter. So I very emo that and ask my friend don't tell me whether I success anot because if I'm success I can't do anything and if I fail I will be sad at the same time. Lol

but this phone Interview done in a super proper way. The people ask me what my area of study. what make me special and some very tricky question like really need you to take a mins to think and answer but of course phone call is all about quick answering so you can't keep err...ah...oh.... Friendly reminder..Phone call interview was way difficult then face to face interview because you just can hear the conversation and don't even know their expression. The conversation almost took 30 mins to answer clearly and nicely but a good experience. HAHAHAHAH So I don't know the result yoooo..


  4th Interview

This was the company that I intern with. But before I accept their job offer I still searching for the job..Then end up I also jump into their lie. It was a company a very lovely malay admin stuff which can talk in Mandarin too. Upon 3 months plus (14 weeks) of internship we really happy together with all the colleagues and stuff there but REALITY behind all happy thing require some scarification. The things is this company ALSO THE SAME. TELLING ALL macam-yes job scope but end up I get in only know we actually require to SELL INSURANCE PLAN. But actually nobody know.. Because I very anti..

It didn't means that I hate insurance. As you know finance student always very good in calculation of $$ cash flow and things like that. We know insurance is super important because now I have to pay my own insurance RM160 per month which really is a hard time for me since my parent never help  me with those thing. Within that 14 weeks I'm very depress , negative , I cried , I cried a lot at night with my bf , my friends and I'm been confusing whether I'm in the right track anot and WHY SEEMS EVERYTHING SO BAD TO ME.

The interview was one by one face to face interview. 6 of us get approved for the interview. We went there and it's located at puchong near my house and we think of sharing car with each other which really a nice deal right? But things we feel weird


But we never thought of that. We enter the room one by one and some basic normal question. Everything runs smoother and nice and the company name I call this as S company. They selling ING insurance plan but in the time we get into intern ING merger with AIA so in between that period we experienced LOTS OF THING! 

When I say it's a lots means MORE THAN most of you that you experienced. NO ONE WILL WORST THAN ME! I tell you NO ONE! I swear... In that interview the company was honest told us that it's a insurance company and ask us whether we want paper- admins work or sales.. OF COURSE NOT SALES PLS I WANT TO LEARN THINGS... all of us told the boss we want to go for admin.. He trying to persuade but still we say admin.. But you know since I'm a straight forward girl.. When I really hate I hope that I never been involve in this kind of company. So I hold my offer letter and wish to have few days to think...I took 1 week to think..

I cried because I told my bf that I took the wrong decision in my life. I never regret or give up in everything but this.... I become super negative and cried. My friend come and approached me. Same I'm dilemma and my mood turns so black so dark and once people talk about it I will feel like crying. Maybe I'm too protected by all of you so once I get into the obstacle I feel helpless. No one can help me and I thought to work with my friends . but end up he told me that

' know loh hor~ I give you work in my company as a assistance better than you go sell insurance right! But you need to intro your relative your friend your whatsoever.. people around you... buy insurance with me.. I also need to benefits one ma..'

You know how much it hurts for me. Just a simple conversation it determine our 3 years friendship. I feel very 反感 ( Feel disgusting that I trust he wont ask me or take any benefits from me. You know what... I have lots of friends but if I'm really plan to be a insurance agent I'M SURE I CAN EARN ALOT! This I'm sure but I'M NOT AND NEVER THINK OF!! 

Firstly, a insurance agent have to have a thick face to sell your item. I think it's basically like direct sales and I never interested to ask my friend buy since I JUST WANT A JOB FOR INTERN AND IT'S NOT A LONG TERM! Imaging you buy something from me and after I intern I quit the job. Then you call me say chanwon aa..I get into hospital can you come...blablabla..Then I replied' sorry yaaa I no longer work as insurance agent I just intern and sell you only'

YOU KNOW I'M A RESPONSIBLE AND Strong principle girl... I shouldn't just because want to fulfill my internship and be a irresponsible friends for all of you. But my heart so pain that my real friends told me that. The I cried my another 3 friends get their offer letter and get the job in this COMPANY S. They told me that if suffer we together suffer lah! Die together die! Like movie like that.. And I confirm double confirm ask the boss.. NO NEED SELL HOR?! The boss say no need sell maybe first month do telemarketing abit train our communication skill then if can't sell belanja makan only no need to be so serious on selling anything..

Confirm again again and again...
Discuss again again and again...

and I don't wish to work alone. SO I SAY YES with it and went to the office take my offer letter. The working environment super nice and some colleagues really treat us like a sister.. But some is just deal with politic issue within the office. VERY DRAMATIC... In my whole life I never know that working like has to deal with politic issues and BEING FAKE !


There are many diff kind of people within one office.

An old 30 years old single women. Very annoying with her 'dolly cute' voice. Very busybody and  love to report every single thing to the supervisor and boss.The things is although people smile and talk with her but every time if there is a chance they will back-step her. Very weird how come they dislike her still wanna talk with her like normal?! hmmmm 

#2 The intermediaries and most peaceful person-
A person that show full respect toward our boss. No matter what he did his eye will always look at the boss / face. Only know how to say but never do anything . Trying to show off how rich he is and always talk about how far he can go for. 

#3 Loyal and kind person-
My supervisor. He's very nice and lovely. But end up...he's not

#4 Few new agents like same age or like our age
Between that 3 month, 1 of them quit the job and our boss don't let go her. I saw her cry in the office (like I do) and been force by her upper line to sell insurance. End up she successfully leaved the hell. She was only true person that we met in our intern life. At first her face was quite scary but actually she's really nice to talk with and advice us many useful thing..TELL US THE TRUTH

#5 A person who wish to apply for admin work but end up been persuade by our boss ~~ until become an agent.. But after we leave the office she quit this job too

#6 Rich and lucky guys who maintain a good relationship with boss. A very strong guys that teach us about 'WHAT IS LUCK'. He always telling us some 'useful strategies' about meeting a rich one... ask them to intro rich people buy insurance plan with you. A MDRT ( a cert and thing that every insurance agent wish to get // certain target need to fight in order to get MDRT) 

#7 A guy with a super young generation thinking. He was a good colleagues and until now we still talk to each other.

#8 A very hard working agent and he always wish to do his best get sales. But no matter how hard he did..sometime still  let people bully

#9 An Insurance adviser without any bottom line. Appear only 1-2 days per week. Never get any sales target and argue with the #8 person in front of us. Not really close with her.

#10 Boss's wife. Although didn't generate a lot of sales for the company but the amount of cases she get always the higher. A person who really fake.Trying her best to persuade / brainwash us but sorry.... 

#11 A malay admin. Able to talk mandarin with us. Very nice too and every time I cried or suffer I will go to talk to her. During the last month of our intern she wanna leave the company but boss and her wife try their best to hold her position. She did almost everything for the company and never complain about it.

#12 A part time indian admin. Not close with her but she always telling that we shouldn't keep complain because being an agent = BEST JOB EVER.. Appear only 1-2 days a week.

I can totally wrote a story here . I guess should break this into two post. So this is the part 1. PART 2 will update after tml's paper. Part 2 will be regarding my whole 14 week intern thing and all shits happen within that 3 months. Not all shits la..Some bad and happy things happen :)  It's all about how we get into the wrong job scope and trying to force us to sell insurance plan. What obstacle I face. How boss threaten me in order to get high mark on this report. How and what our colleagues-relationship and gossip thing happen in an office. and how bullshit kenal back-stepped by the busybody women..

The most challenge part was asking me to do telemarketing to date all the stranger out. After the appointment placed I met some weird customer not interested in insurance but other thing..... Until now they never give up and hope we were able get back and buy plan with them. wtf?! Even the one I hate still go and like my page keep checking my recent life. So actually it took me some time to think about should I post this but all my junior and friends asked me to post at least you wont experience this...hmmmm

Fyi, I never mean that insurance agent all = bad or can't earn money. Insurance can earn a lot but in fact why don't use it in a good way to help those who need it. Why force us to sell any plan. Why must all finance student get into this kind of question. And slowly I understand why. If u was an intern, in order to sell an insurance u need to pass a test then get the agent license. After that the upper line (you're the bottom line) will upgrade their position . From supervisor to manager then so on.. But now the problem is WE ARE JUST LOOKING FOR INTERN JOB WEH WHY did this to us???

But for those who taking finance don't worry ya! It Only happen in internship period .Future job u always can work in a bank and ignore all this shits ! 

That's all for part 1! I should study after my dinner! Love xx 


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