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12 April 2014

Hello My Little Sweeties Cough Cough* I know I shouldn't blogging right now due to my exam paper on this coming Monday but I think it's now the great time to blog and update this blog post for those who wonder what I did during my 4 years study & 3 months internship life. This post should be a super LONG POST with full of happy and shits happened on my previous study & internship life. It might be a little bit boring for you all or you might feel it's too dramatic but it does exist in this world. Plus, I can't believe I experienced all of those within the 3 months time and this might benefits to some of you .So I guess I should share this around so people like you wont jump into this kind of shits again and always think positive toward your life. Actually I should update this once I finished my intern but I have too much thing to deal with + I really can't believe it does exist. So this post will be some useful advise for new students and I will update another post regarding my intern which will be much more interesting than anyone's experience. Lol

Fyi, you guys know that I'm a degree student major in Bachelor (Hons) in Finance with Multimedia. It sounds so boring right? But I told myself I can do it and left my current last short semester to end my degree life. I wasn't a clever girl since I was young and I rarely talk about that in my blog but I guess I should bring some positive thought for all of you. You know right, I always say IF YOU THINK YOU CAN, You can! It's true because it happened on me. Not you but my relatives always look down on my family due to that my parent always told me to study hard and work hard for my future and this is why even my face really look super 'kids' but my thinking always so old. I always worry and think about future. I'm not born in a rich family but I appreciate what they did to changed my life.

I'm not a clever one and no one believe that I can get a good result on my SPM and no one believe that I'm able to score my academic result well to get the top 15% of students in my own faculty . Including myself. I can't believe that because no one know how stupid am I. People read it and know it but I need to read , write , re-write and do my own note only able to memories it to my brain. Honestly, I never hate my study life , I don't hate my course but I just hate that I'm not clever enough like all of you. I only get one A in my PMR result and a 4A+5B+ in my SPM. You know how much effort I put on my SPM after I'm got my PMR result? 
People always telling me that AIYA accounting student was stupid one. Huh? Chanwon You cant get into science subject class a? So bad for you. Even my beloved tuition teacher that I love the most. She told me that she's disappointed on me. You know my dignity = super high so it's so hurt for me. I know, the serious part was I'm disappointed on myself. Yea, that's true everyone telling me that I'm stupid even I study I also feel I'm stupid. Lol then you know what. I used 3 month to persuade myself not to believe in anyone else and believe that I CAN DO IT. But most important I start to love the subject I'm interested with and love the teacher. I can do it even I'm not the clever one WHY you say you cant do it??

Think probably whether you wish to get into any course anot and talk to your senior / friend for their advice too. I always hope to get advice from someone but I dont have anyone I know when I get into my University. But luckily I still able to meet some nice friends too. So here's some of my own advice I think it might be useful to some of you :)

#1 Get to know your best study hour / time
Every time I revision on the subject I hate. I have to tell myself like 'very easy , I can do it! I can do it ! Just act like reading a story book' Then during the time I memories I imaging I throw all the important point into my brain. Like that.. Then I discover my Study time which is study in the early morning. So I know that our body best resting time was 10pm-2am. So everytime during my exam week I slept at 10-11am and wake up at 3-4am to do my last mins study. But this is my own best study time , like my friends their study time some was at night but some afternoon after their afternoon nap. It's depend so you need to figure out the best time for you to study. (The time you feel your brain functioning well and also super productive time)

#2 Believe in YOURSELF. Tell yourself you can do it
Believe or not. It take lots of effort to make yourself believe it. You should believe that you can do it. When people think you can't make it the first thing come in your mind will be ' I CAN PROVE YOU I CAN DO IT' This is what I used for my past few years when I'm almost give up my study during my hard time and also support from people around you was quite important too. Only you can help yourself. No one else will has the power to persuade yourself. Am I right?

#3 Pick the subject you like/ you wont regret or you confident with
I know right! This is the most emo and unhappy period when you're confuse that whether what subject or course you should go for. This happened on me too including my bro now. This is why I update this and want you to know that...Sometime parents put too much on us. Like me , when I was your age my parent always ask me to study hard even I'm stupid lol the reason why I study wasn't because I'm interested in finance but I WANNA PROVE THEM. Prove them I can study and score well in this hard subject which everyone thought that I will fail it in my life. You know ...You shouldn't be like me if you can pick your own favourite subject. Because no one can guarantee you that your future job scope is based on what you took in your previous course.

Life is unpredictable. You don't know what maybe suddenly you will be interested in something else. Like me I picked this because I think I can score it and prove it. During the 3rd year of my degree life I realize that I'm not interested working in a office and deal with all stupid political thing in my life. This is what I learned and experienced from my intern life. That's life! We can't predict anything and your parent can't predict that you can get a good job even your score well or pick the right way. Someday, you will change your mind and until that time you will pick either the job you happy with or the job with high salary but you're not happy with that. Trust me, it's true.

And you must always tell yourself. Nothing easier than study in your life. People always told me that but I always tell myself I hate study and I love working..NOW I KNOW STUDY LIFE = THE BEST MOMENT IN LIFE. Especially my secondary study life. If you reach my age.. you will know it.. 

Back to the topic ya, you should pick the subject that you WONT REGRET + you can guarantee that no matter what happen you will continue the course for your whole 3 -4 years in your study life. But if you rich you can always change your mind. I'm not rich...So, I can't make the wrong decision even it's wrong I will NEVER EVER feel regret and give up since it's my OWN CHOICE wanted to prove my parent and make them prove. This is why I can sustain til now... LOL

On the other hand , get your passion on the choice of your subject too. Don’t get us wrong—being passionate about a topic or discovering you have a particular knack for a field should be important factors as you pick your course/subject! But it’s a good idea to turn to older students, professors, and advisers with these questions so that you know what you’re getting into. Whatever you decide, you’ll likely be more satisfied long-term if you go into it with a clear understanding of the implications of your decision.

#4 Figure out the reason why you pick the course / why you study / reason for you to study &Don't Give Up
From now on , you can start figuring your reason. Write it in the first page of your notebook. This will be a useful sentence for you to remind yourself when you get boring in your study life and when you almost give up. I wanna make my parent feel proud of me. This was the only reason I can fight for so I wrote that in my planner ,  notebook. REMIND YOU not to give up easily. If I didn't figure it out I can't study til now. So remember your reason and WHY WHY WHY...

#5 Friend with POSITIVE people around YOU
I'm not really a positive person. I have my own emo time too but I can consider my friends around me were quite positive. It doesn't means that it's positive it also means that you need to friend with hard working people , nice people and sometime fight for the best result on your exam too. You can always pick your own friends! Friend with those who study hard at the same time PLAY HARD too. Don't stress yourself and being a friends of positive people ..when you feel depress or sad they can always cheer you up. Try to associate yourself with people of similar values and interests, people who want to see you succeed

#6 Beware and Concern about your coursework mark.
Not sure whether all of the Uni/College have the same % of coursework mark anot but in university FINAL EXAM NOT EQUAL TO everything. Because half of the 50% mark will go for your coursework mark means that if you concern and get a high coursework mark you can automatic know or predict your final mark on that subject. For example if you get 30-35 marks on your coursework mark and exam do it quite well you can actually get an B while a 40% over 50% coursework mark you can predict that you get an A for your exam.

Normally coursework mark will be focusing on your mid term (10-20%) , Assignment , Presentation , sometime include QUIZ and tutorial mark. So , make sure you do your assignment well and also mid term too.

#7 Grouping with good / nice group member or friends.
Everyone will learn from mistake right. Don't group with the wrong people and you know..When your group member = will become like me super MAD & ANGRY with them but end up those can't help you to complete the work too. You still need to 'solo' yourself to complete it. So to ignore all these shits happen during your study time, you should always grouping with the correct person. But can't guarantee you always can get nice group member because sometime lecturer will pick for you.

For my case, I always prefer group with old friends. Sometime new friends would be more understanding too but most of the time new member that lecturer decide to put you into their group + you become the leader you will be the most 'pek-cek' leader ever. Maybe 30% over 100% you can get a nice group  members to work with you. It affect your coursework mark, assignment mark , presentation and final mark. So PLEASE PICK YOUR GROUP MEMBER NICELY.

And remember the most suffer one wasn't you. It's the one who do the last part to combine all your group member part into a complete assignment. That's always the job of a leader but if can make this part as an important part for the person you TRUST HE/SHE CAN DO IT. or get into the group that you think they are very serious in their academic result but mostly they always show you a STRESS FACE. But don't worry you got few semester to figure out yourself.

I know right people always say 4.0 student was clever la this la that la. But not all 4.0 student get a good job after that due to their own personality but some still can get a good job. My senior wasn't the most clever one and wasn't a four flat student but end up he get a 8k job while another 4 flat student working in a bank get a 3k job. Believe yourself always try your best!!! The best advice I can give is to truly do your best and have no regrets after. Grades are not everything because in real world , communication skill and other experience is more than just your grade.

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Just do your best and trust that the dots will connect. 

#9 Don't be afraid because no RIGHT OR WRONG
I dont know why but some lecturer always told us that in uni life there are no 100% right or wrong. Never say things too early because that might be right or that might be wrong. You need to prove them your answer is correct and tell them what you think. Is not the lecturer give you the answer is you give them your answer or give them your idea. Dont afraid to the answer because you wont know that maybe it might be a good and new idea for someone ? :) When you answer the wrongly take it as experience and you will always remember that answer. If you have a good reason you can always fight back 

#10 Appreciate all the good & bad 
Not everything run smoothly throughout your whole study life. There might be something bad and good happen between that because you will have the opportunity to have experiences you wouldn’t experience in your future. In your uni life you have many thing to deal with. Your life , how to sustain , how to communicate with new people around you , how to cope and deal with problems and so on. These experiences, good and bad, will sharpen your character . Plus, if you’re really lucky, you’ll find your purpose in life or what makes you truly happy. I found mine after 4 years!! LOL 

Don't be afraid to deal with conflicts! Be brave to show your talent and be smart in your study life. 

#11 Find your way to release your stress
Whether you like it or not sometime stress should be one of the source to motivate yourself. But you will need to find your way to realize your stress. For me when I'm stress I will go for a bath , playing guitar or blogging before a week of my exam so that I can talk to you guys! lol Sometime the way I release my stress was went to a nice restaurant + enjoy tea time with my girls few day  before my exam. HAHAAHAHH Just to remember that , don’t put pressure on yourself to get straight As. Uni life should be enjoy because this is the last study life you get before you join the work force. You can pressure yourself to do better each time but not too over if not everything will turns negative one eh~

#12 Communication , Leadership & other Skills
I think this should be the most important thing you should learn during your 4 years of Uni life. You know what when you apply for job communication , leadership and other skill place higher than your result. If you got more experience, you able to talk to other people , you able to express yourself and blablablabla. In your uni life you should deal with diff problem and joined diff group with diff race of people.

You will need to experience how to communicate with others , how to lead them , how to distribute work for them. All of these can't learn from a textbook. Most important is how you communicate with others. This can't learn from anyway but learn during your study life. Very very very important because in the future you need to communicate with diff people around the world / clients and anyone who you wish to work with. You will definitely learn this / experience it when you talk with your group member! HAHAHA Remember to be open-minded and meet as many people as you can.

#13 Attend Tutorial class & Pay attention in class
Believe it anot my attendance never less than 90% throughout the 4 years of  my study. Lol one reason is I'm not hard working just because I dont have a car to drive back and my Uni was super far from anyone so once I reached MMU I will  be there for whole day. I will be in library and I wont skip class but I do skipped morning class sometime. AHAHAHAHAH Once in a while lollll

Even you didn't wanna concentrate in the class at least attend it because somehow your brain still able to function while absorb some important thing / point told by your lecturer. For example when lecturer or tutor write some important note in the white board make sure you copy it even you don't know because when you do your revision you will need that especially ATTEND YOUR TUTORIAL CLASS. Exam question always look like your tutorial question.

#14 Help People / Don't be selfish
Be selfish to others simply means that selfish to yourself. WHy? Because you can be selfish in your working life but not study life. If someone ask you for a help + if you're free. GO AHEAD and help them because they believe in you and helping each other can learn and experience new thing too but never ever help someone to answer their assignment or help them to complete it. You should know the limit. If you're selfish no one will love to be friend with you. People know it in their mind...You can't hide it actually..

#15 Conclusion = NO REGRET
There are still lots of advice but this should be something really really important one. Remember that Uni/ college can be as good or bad as you make it. This is one of the best times of anyone’s life- a time where you mold your character and become the person you’re going to be for the rest of your life. You should be the one who responsible to yourself. Your parent work hard to finance you and so then you should try your best at least don't ever fail + disappointing them. Always remember that you're big enough to be responsible for your own life. All the noise and shits will gone if you think in a good way. Any bad thing happen will then bring you a good lesson and experience. Life with no regrets! This is the last chance for you to study before you get into the shits working life. Lol 

Remember always believe in yourself that YOU CAN DO IT.
Prove them they're wrong!


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