Beautiful & Precious moments in 2012 ♥

31 December 2012

HAPPY NEW YEAR in advance to  all my beloved sweeties & readers ♥ Guess most of you already done your preparation for it! Any plan tonight? I think most of you already dress up nicely or maybe on the way to meet someone and celebrate this special day with them~ For those who are still here & reading this post consider celebrating this special day with me :P 

I cancelled all my plan today after my class because I'm not feeling well ! FLU! FLU ! FLU! I took some medicine and whole body feel so lazy to move so what can I do now?! Nothing else :P It's blogging time! As usual, every last day of the year we will try to think back what we did on that year and flashback of everything happened within that year!    (start to think...)

Compare to previous year I think I should write an summary of it! HAAHAHAH not consider as a summary because this gonna be a super long post for me! Last post before 2013 okie?! Hmmmm.. too many things in my mind now! There are too much too share with your guys! Flashback with that, I guess my 2012 is a very beautiful and precious memories for myself so far :3 How about you sweeties?

So here's some precious moment happened and took quite a huge energy for me to make it happen :') Although it seems like nothing to you but each of them changed my life , my thinking or maybe perspective . HAHAAHAH Especially for me this poor little girl ..what I want ..what I hope ..EVERYTHING.. I need to use my own energy and money to make it happen! Some might think that's really easy but it's not as easy as you think. Not easy to earn money , not easy to be a good student , not easy to work in group , not easy to deal with customer , not easy to many many many thing!!! especially for stupid people like me @@

Lesson learned from so so so many things! I learned & met some good friends , good customer and at the same time some bad net friends as well! But everything that  happened make a brand new CHANWON:) TEEHEE* I'm so happy to meet all of you no matter how much you love me or hate me :) but better don't hate me pls >3<

You can click on the blue color underline link for further reading :P

#1 So the most precious moments in 2012 rank 1 :P will be my Taiwan trip ! I planned quite a long time and never visit any place before that! So this is my first tripin my life and ++ first sister trip with Bobo too :) HAAHAH both of us purposely cut the same hairstyle during the trips! I remember that time both of us still not really close to each other and we suddenly crazy and planned for the trip 2 months before we go! OMG 
So many things happen during our first trip together and people at there really damn friendly :) Of course will visit taiwan again next year ! Will extend to be a 1 month trip at there! AHHAAHAH PLANNING ~ Need money to make it happen :) Thanks Bobo for the accompany and thanks for the sponsorship for our homestay :3 Read more about my taiwan trip :P (refer to my label -Taiwan Trip 2012 tips & sharing

#2Other than taiwan trip I had visited and spent quite a lot on FOOD! I went to Poco , Dreamz bakery , Uncle Jang , TWG & etc!! Too much food and post to link with but I guess most of you already tried :P I love food and some special kind of cafe! I think no one hate it!! still love macaroons and crazy about PASTEL COLOR! Lol
Did many crazy things too! Dance Oppa Gangnam Style while photo shooting with two nice & friendly photographer and facebook start to have oppa gangnam style kind of photo shooting and videos! Lol 
 #3 Still involved in many diff kind of photo shooting but this year just join as my hobby and start to try something new and involved in some boutique @ online shopping kind of shooting with new photographer :)
Seriously, I'm appreciate and enjoyed in every shooting session with diff kind of photographer :) But it's really tired when having outdoor shooting session :P So now start to involved in indoor one! Some issues happen not 100% of photographer is nice to you! Some keep on delay you never think of hard work you are  and I know it's really exhausted when turn to editing with photo shop stuff but why you promise us if you CAN'T make it /.\

Besides that, I still remember out of those 20 photographers 1 of them keep on blaming my stupid rabbit teeth! Said it's really ugly and make my expression look so weird ! and he can't choose any nice photo because of my teeth..Showing me all those photo with my teeth and try to tell me how ugly it is :'( I can't take it but now I accepted it and I still love my rabbit teeth!  My rabbit teeth turn to be ugly when I didn't smile ! GOD WANT ME TO SMILE MORE AND BE HAPPY that's why god gave me that rabbit teeth and it turn ugly when I didn't smile!  LOL a good reason now! HAAHAHAH 安慰 MYSELF !

 #4 In addition , joined bloggers event with nuffnang and meet new bloggers friends :) Joined their Christmas Party Celebration , SOX of Xpax , ChurpOut 2012 , Petronas Appreciation Party  & etc !! More to go on this coming 2013! Hopefully all the event held on weekend not weekday because I got class on weekday :(  Other than that , start to accept network commercial advertising , blog advertising and happy that can work with diff kind of business! Having a business is not an easy job ! I know it!

#5 Save money , earn money , blogging , business , class , exam ...Sometime feel so lifeless :'( Didn't get to buy anything I love or things on my wishlists !Hoping things fall down from the sky :P  But after those lifeless day and night finally I spent a lot at the end of the year! AHAHAHH Usually I can save up all my money without shopping every month but end of the year I must use partly of it! Everything I bought used my own savings I hope I can get sponsored from my parents too :P AHAHAHAH but it motivate me work harder to get something I like. Earn money by my own and seriously the feeling of getting the thing I love with myself is really Unforgettable! 

Both of my mom and dad treat me like a male than a female -.- Because I'm the oldest in my family ! Nobody can teach me what to do when I'm hopeless or helpless. I need to figure out myself :'( Cried at night when so stress , get mad when dealing with weird customer ...Nobody knows that! No matter how, I still need to wake up by myself and be HAPPY on the next morning!  

It's very touching when I know that both of my parent feel proud of me. It means a lot a lot for me! Fyi, some of the parent never praise or say something good of their children in front of people. Both of my parent act like that too :S I don't know why.. I remember I'm very stupid in my academic and get a very cacat result in my PMR and my brother is much more smarter than I. My mom keep on praise my bro and I got nth. Even relative told my mom that I'm pretty good in dressing up and stylist myself / make up  my mom will told them it's useless and said that I look like 'chicken' when wearing make up -.- I think I look like japanese and I love to wear white dress she say it's ugly.

I never ever hear them praise me in front of relative. I'm stupid seriously. My PMR result not so good because I expected to have 5 As but end up ! I cried and I know my tuition teachers and my parents disappointed on me. My relative laugh me. My family is not so rich so some of them love to compare when I'm just a kids until when I grow up more I realize that only one thing I can do to make my parent feel proud of me! That's STUDY WELL, STUDY SMART , INDEPENDENT , NEVER LOOK DOWN ON myself! 

I study on that and choose my own way never depend on what others think about me! Never bother about what people think of me. Just do what can I do! STUDY..So get a good result in SPM and get into MMU,Cyber successfully study until now my Bachelor Degree Year 2 :) My mom and dad so happy that I can enter and get into MMU but seriously damn stress! I get PTPTN loan from MMU and I'm gonna study hard and smart so that my dad and mom wont waste their energy for my education.

But still both of my parent never praise me :O Until this month I get know from my mom that my dad praise and both of them feel proud of me. Maybe it's nth for you but I very care about that! Because they are the reason why am I here and talking crap with you guys! xD Lol..

Thanks so much for everyone of you! Thanks for the help ! Thanks sooo much! Millions thanks to you guys! All of you made who am I today! Thanks to my dearest mom , dad , bro , Kitty , dear lyvia , flowers , my babe and friends in my life and university life ! I love you guys!

#6♥ Get what I want -Wishlists Clear-
First Branded Bag- Carlo Rino
Iphone4 gave my bro and bought myself a black Iphonr5
An Ipad for myself! Easier to carry around and read note hopefully :P
A good DSLR with nice filter for blogging - Sony Nex F3 
#7Met many many new friends! 

All friends get into a group together become Flowers :P 

#8♥ BFF & FAMILY & BF. get closer and closer!
My secondary friends , my dear Lyvia <3 You all are so important to me!
My Mr.Kitty <3 The best listener and driver :P
Thanks for the answer supplier Charlotte <3 Gfs in University life and you guys :) Thanks forever alone driver Wen Jian please don't always simply text girl and chase them! Need to choose the true and the only one as your gf and for those who interested on HIM please text me! He need a gf so badly!
My mom :)
My bro <3
My dad <3
Thanks god for making everything good to me :) Don't be a person who has to look back and wonder what they would have . Time to move and take action to make things happen!

I'm really EXITED about things that are going to happen in 2013!!! I'm looking forward on it! Love, xoxo.That's my beautiful and precious moments in 2012~ How about you?