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14 December 2012

Herloo People  :3 I'm here again!! So tired and exhausted because just back from University to submit my movie assignment! Slept at 4am morning and this is what students usually did before the due date of the assignment :( Can't blame anyone but should blame lecturer because she  make the submission due date during our mid term exam week! We all just get to know the assignment 2 week before this! Argh!

Thanks god I done all of the video part and left editing part on yesterday night! I can't sleep because the movie format or something wrong with my window movie maker keep on ERROR ! Have to deal with it until 4am @@ fml * Shocked me to the max! 3 more paper next week! From Monday-Wednesday! Wish me luck and I will try my best!!!
Oh yea!! This is the most exited part for this post!! Finally the new arrival from TopFashion! OHYEA!!!This is the best time to purchase new clothes for the CNY!! I'm already start to purchase clothes for my CNY! Slowly slowly because my final exam time is 2week before the CNY! I have no time to shopping like what you guys :'( 

I'm so happy when I received a msg from Bobo! I think she planned quite a  long time! a month before that my phone suddenly RING RING RING~ Then i got a msg from her asking me to have a shooting session with her AGAIN!! OMG !! but wonder what kind of theme?! She told me that she need my help to shoot her TopFashion Shop's new arrival item! & of course I say YESSSS! YEAAA! ON !

Oh then this is what we did for the shooting! Just play around and everyone beside us looking at us -.- I wonder what happen maybe because we keep on changing our clothes and run here and there to get into the toilet ! AHAHAHH A very nice experience for me because this is my first time shooting for online shop! The outcome is so satisfied and of course all item I touched is really GOOD QUALITY! I wonder you love it or not but the quality is really good! My online shop didn't sell this kind of top but I really in love with every single piece of top from
I look so tired and you see my hair -.- sweating like heel because so HOT! and keep running around the shopping mall! AHHAHAH Good experienced! I'm in love with every single clothes I wear inside the photo! Especially the first 2 clothes on the first photo in this post! Hiak hiak* It fit both of us nicely! She so thin and me is average also can wear !! I'm sure you can wear! All free size fit S & M girls!

What are you waiting for? Go click or inbox Bobo's facebook and order it!! Just grab few photo from Bobo for my readers here! Some detail photo and still got many many many others pretty top ! Feel free and drop by her website! Support her shop and of course mine too :P We put a lot effort on this shooting and we always hope to share our as call as  fashion taste to our readers! 

Will continue update more new item for you guys :P 
Other than that you can go check her website :P Too many nice clothes it's so hard for me to pick few photo and show you guys! HAHAHAHA !

And here is some of our photo! Drop by her and do support her ya!
That's all from me!! Is time for dinner and then sleep! Tomorrow going out to grab my wishlist item! Huirayyy!! Finally dreams come true! Thanks god and thanks my friends for the help♥ Love ,xoxo.

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