Princess Rose Crown ♥ Cute Granny Vintage Store

09 December 2012

Herloo Sweeties :P Hmmm long time didn't curl my hair nicely since I cut it and I'm seriously damn lazy to curl my bangs! Need to go for haircut soon ~ Okie! BACK TO THE TOPIC!! I always like to dress up myself nicely , maybe like a princess? Lol Imaging how wonderful if someone treat you like a princess! Take care about you and you are his/her only one :) am I right? *wink*

Sometime , I love to imaging myself like a princess rather than just waiting someone to treat me like a princess! HAHAHAHAHA because nobody wanna treat me like a princess :'( So what I can do is just dress up myself like a princess..LOL Once I think about princess , I will straight away think about the crown~ It's a very romantic scene when someone or maybe ME wearing a crown on my head! HAHAHAHA

If you realize that I actually did a photo shooting theme on that! Lol Princess wannabe ? :P Mad love with those flora crown! So, I have been searching for so long!!! I love to collect all diff kind of flower crown and I have no idea why!!Just like my own collection... Until few days ago... Miracle happened! HAHAHAHA

I found a online shop which selling this kind of flower crown & it's handmade!OMG!! I can't believe that and I'm shocked to the max! I WANNA GRAB ALL OF THEM!!OMG dilemma dunno which color to choose and which size to choose! OMG OMG OMG 
Yeap this is the photo which suddenly appear on my facebook and without thinking too much I straight away inbox them- Cute Granny Vintage Store! I'm seriously very in love with all the photo they posted in facebook! It's so vintage and the color tone of the photo is damn nice! Feel like asking how to edit the color tone! HAHAHAHAHAH a bit out of topic but I guess I'm too exited and happy! At the same time start to imaging how pretty and gorgeous am I after wearing their crown*wtf!

Thanks for the opportunity :P! I'm so nervous and can't wait to received their rose crown!! & of course share this pretty little thing to you ,sweeties :) 

GUESS WHAT?! I received their parcel on yesterday! OMG so fast?! Just can't wait to open it! Millions thanks to Cute Granny Vintage StoreAll item delivered in a good condition and they pack it nicely :) Don't worry it wont spoil during the process of delivery~
Oh my god! I'm gonna open it!!
 I'm really dilemma on choosing them! There got too much color - Pink , red , purple , white & etc with 2 choices of the size which is small and medium! So I choose 1 medium crown which is pink color and another 2 small crown!  :P Happy Girl now!
Mad love with that and I'm thinking what color should I pick on the next purchase :X OMG ..I just got one head la but seriously it's really nice if I can get all diff color :'( red medium rose crown quite nice!! but Pink color so lovely :'( How to choose? All item in a very good condition and a small cute note on that! OMG what can I say?!! Everything is just so lovely! !

Seriously, after you see all the photo below you will say OMGGGGGGGGGG I ALSO WANT! AHAHAH A what are you waiting for?! Just inbox them and make your order now~~!! But before that see the outcome from my photo first, k?!  :P

From now on call me Princess Chanwon :P *I'm just joking*
The rose crown so gorgeous & it's just like a magic ! Once i put it on my head I can really feel I'm a princess!! LOLLLLLLLLL but seriously the quality is really nice~ OMG


In love with all diff color of rose crown? Inbox Cute Granny Vintage Store♥ now~ Love , xoxo.