Product Review for MIVVA Box♥

29 December 2012

Hey Hey sweethearts :3 Just get a new phone for myself and it's almost end of year 2012 !!! I can't wait for 2013 & I think it should be a new beginning for everyone of us~ Am I right? Before that I still owe you all a product review of the MIVVA Box! Finally I'm able to tried each of the product from! Teehee~ 

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I'm really so exited on it and finally I'm able to share this review with you ..sweeties:) Wooohooo for your information I tried all the products in today! HAAHAHAH Step by step and I'm really satisfied with the result and outcome from all of the products I got from

#1 Bio-Essence Deep Exfoliating Gel with ATP 30g  (Full Size = RM65.90/60ml) :
Previously I didn't really care so much on how to remove dead cells on our face effectively but after I read some beauty magazines and I realize that it's really important for us to do so! Each 1-2 weeks time we need to use some product to remove the dead cells on our face rather than just wash your face everyday. This Bio-Essence product did a very good job on my face! It help me to get a bright skin and of course remove all the dead skin cells on my dirty face! Its effectively and thoroughly removes dead skin cells without causing any abrasion to the skin and at the same time providing nutrient to the skin. Used this before you apply any facial cleansing foam every 1-2 weeks. The form of the deep exfoliating gel is so gentle and it contain Bio Energy Fluid, Bio Mineral Essence, Royal Jelly and other precious herbal extracts.

Fall in love with the result and before this I actually used another exfoliating gel but it almost finish. So I guess it's time for me to grab a new one! Teehee wait me finished this first~

#2  PRIVIA Perfect Pure Cleansing Foam (Full Size = RM43/180ml) :
Yeap yeap! Is turn for this Privia Perfect Pure Cleansing Foam with fine and rich foam with natural ingredient and amino coat ingredient, it keeps your skin soft and silky, removes keratin, reduce skin problems and reaches deep into the pores to remove dirt and dead cells. i tried it on my face this morning and I can't take photo with it because my hand and face get wet ,I can't open my eye and can't one hand snap with my own :'(  Borrow someone's hand for me pls!

So I put some on my hand and try to mix with a little water! Very fast change to bubble form and I can feel so fresh on my face after that~ It just like others cleaning foam but this is slightly more gentle form of bubble and the smell so nice :3 Hehe

#3 ORIKS Collagen 703 Crystal Cream, 3ml♥ (Full Size = RM218/30ml) :
After the cleansing foam I applied my hada labo toner and moisturizer then wait for 2-3 mins to let my face absorb all the skincare product~Next I applied this Collagen 703 Crystal Cream. It come with 3 capsules and I'm so careful tear off one of it :P this is apparently a collagen with complex vitamins which aims to improve skin’s moisture while increasing moisture in the skin as well as increase skin’s elasticity and radiance.  It make my face stay moisture all the day! I wanna share this with my mom I guess she need this more ~ 

#4 HEME Genius BB Cream SPF28 PA++, 15ml  (Full Size = RM75.90/40ml):
 I tried this long time ago but I used the blue color one! This orange color is for normal or combination skin! I guess I bought the wrong one last time -.- I don't know diff skin type have to choose diff color! Lol I remember I just grab one of those color! HAAHAHAH 
[I'm going out for shooting later :P So I'm gonna continue this and tried on the BB cream] *Wink* 
I really work well on improve and cover skin's imperfection!It help me to create a flawless and radiant look. I can selca more on that! HAHAAHAHAH I love baby skin~ In addition , it also provide everyday UVA/UVB protection, whitening and skin repair. 

I tried it on my face it can keep my face oil free within 4-6 hours in outdoor but after that my skin turn to be a little bit dull! :'( Guess I sweat too much and the stupid weather ! But I'm still love how it works on my skin! BB Cream is a must for a daily basic make up routine ~

#5 Stage The Last Expert   (RM25~RM38) :
It's a need for us to have diff type of fake eyelashes! It will enlarge your eye and look innocent in some way :P HAHAAHHAAH I always hope to have a big eyes with thick double eyelid but I only have it when I'm wearing a fake eyelashes~ I'm always want to try diff kind of fake eyelashes and I guess this is abit too obvious for me so I decided to wear it in a way of cut each of the eyelashes into 2 mini pieces and stick it at the end of my eyelid :) 
 This is how it look like :) For those who prefer not to have a obvious fake eyelashes you can actually DIY your own by cutting it into small mini pieces and stick it on the end of your eyelid to create a longer eye look! This is what usually I do when I'm not so confident when using a obvious kind of fake eyelashes :P It can make your fake eyelashes look more natural and longer your eyes! Teehee~
AHHAHHAHA I love my make up today :P Thanks the eyelashes! it work so well on me :3
 #6 Di Palomo Wild Fig Grape Enriching Hand & Nail Cream (full size=RM59/75ml) :
OMG!! I never ever think of MIVVA include a hand and nail cream for us! It's so surprise! Seriously this is the most <3 item in the box! It smell sooooooooooooooooooooooo nice! Smell so sweeeeeet~ I can't really explain in words but seriously RECOMMEND you this! OMG! It's a blend of Fig & Grape extracts.

See my expression! Smell so nice :3 love to the max!

Other than those beauty product I'm really surprise with the make up pouch! I would like to have the pink one but I got the black one :'( But never mind I'm gonna use it very long time and I guess black color TAHAN LAMA! :3 Lol
I''m really appreciate and thanks for the opportunity to tried all the products and get this MIVVA BOX! This definitely surpassed my expectation of MIVVA :) You guys did a very good job on that! Hearts for you Mivva :P

Now my expectation get higher! I really can't wait to get the next mivva box!! Oh yea~!! GOGOGO and get your MIVVA box too :3

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So what you think of this MIVVA BOX